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2019 THE BOODLES l. to Bautista-Agut

THE BOODLES - Friday, June 28, 2019 - Despite the defeat Berdych is happy to be back on court and competing after injury and is excited to be heading back to SW19 after missing the event last year. ''I'm really glad to be here, it's a beautiful place and playing two matches right before the Championships is always very helpful to me. I'm feeling well. It's been a tough, tough ride so far, but it's [injury] a new experience for me so I'm just trying to learn that, as well, after those many years.'' --- ''To be honest, really, I'm just seeing Wimbledon right there, because last year I was not able to play Wimbledon which was a very sad moment for me. You know, this year it's right around the corner, so I just want to do all the best I possibly can and just play the game that I love the most, and let's see what's going to happen after and how the schedule is going to look.''
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