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NetJets Europe - Czech stars Tomas Berdych and Petra Kvitova get a private jet timeshare

Posted on August 2, 2011 at 3:50 PM

Petra Kvitova 2011 Wimbledon winner and Tomas Berdych ATP World #9

Some players share the same coach as it is the case for Viktor Troicki and Jarko Nieminen who are coached by Jan de Witt and some others share the same private jet... Tomas Berdych and Petra Kvitova, the Czech tennis players Number One. Both will enjoy a fractional jet ownership with NetJets. Congrats for this great decision!

Petra Kvitova, Vadim Horiszny vice-president NetJets Czech Republic, Tomas Berdych


It means a lot

Cut your travel time in half. Drive straight to the aircraft, board and fly in as little as 10 minutes. Every flight is direct, with no queues, delays or cancellations. Fly whenever it suits you. Fly direct to 900 European airports and 5,000 airports worldwide. Fly from the airport that’s most convenient for you. The aircraft is all yours, so you can work and hold meetings in peace and privacy. No prying eyes, no lost productivity. And because journey times are shorter, you arrive feeling relaxed and refreshed. 


Please take good care of Petra and Tomas!



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NetJets Europe holds the world’s highest safety certification – the International Air Transport Association’s Operational Safety Audit.

This is the gold standard for flight safety, and is held by every top commercial airline.  NetJets was the first private aviation company to reach this standard, and is one of only two in Europe to hold it now. Safety is our obsession – the heart of every decision we make, from hiring and investment to training and flight operations.

960 elite pilots

Our commitment to your safety starts with hiring the best pilots in the world – and then making them even better. We draw our pilots from leading national air forces and commercial airlines, and put them through the most comprehensive, specialised training in the industry. Each year, they spend 50% more time in full-motion flight simulators than most commercial airline pilots. In 2010, we unveiled a private €5 million training facility at our operations centre in Lisbon – unique proof of our dedication to training.

Two captains in the cockpit

Our hiring standards far exceed those set out by European regulations. In regulatory terms, the minimum qualification for a captain is 1,500 flying hours. A first officer can have as few as 195 hours of experience. In contrast, our minimum standard for all pilots is 1,500 hours, and we require that all captains have at least 3,000 hours of experience. That means that your NetJets flight always has two captain-standard pilots in the cockpit.

One aircraft type for intuitive responses

The skill and experience of our pilots mean that they could comfortably fly many different types of aircraft. But at NetJets, they only fly one. We insist that all their training and flying is on that single type, so that their knowledge with its performance, features and flight-deck is as close to perfect as possible. To maximise this familiarity, we also ensure that every cockpit across each jet type in our fleet is identical, ensuring that our pilots’ responses are always intuitive and assured.

Industry-leading investment

We will invest €750 million in safety and training over five years – a commitment unmatched anywhere in private aviation. And with the backing of Berkshire Hathaway, you can be confident we will continue to invest whatever is necessary to keep you safe.



Other (very) happy few who travel to tournaments in private jet Ernests Gulbis, Roger Federer...


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