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A rumour that's going round ... about a possible break-up between Tomas Berdych and Lucie Safarova

Posted on July 19, 2011 at 2:37 AM

A beautiful love story coming to an end? Please say it's not true!

I’ve heard rumours that according to Swedish player Sofia Arvidsson (27) Tomas and Lucie have fallen out, things are a bit strained between them. You could read it on her blog during Bastad tournament. ATP pro Jonas Björkman also aware of the story.

Well, it is all over the internet but nothing in the Czech media. Hopefully it's only a lovers' tiff.

in English

According to Sofia Arvidsson, professional tennis Prom King and Queen, Tomas Berdych and Lucie Safarova, are no more;

I made a fool of myself a bit last week. I met with Lucie Safarova (Tomas’ girl for a long time) with a suitcase... on the way home;

(Me... Well, you should go home. So you should not stay and watch Tomas?

(Lucie...  No, we’re not together anymore …. (Oops, embarrassing)

And here was me thinking that they were destined to grow old together. Let’s hope they’re just on a break, because seriously, if they can’t stay together, what chance does the rest of us have of finding love?

in Italian

A quanto pare la coppia ceca Tomas Berdych/Lucie Safarova ha interrotto la propria relazione. Ecco il particolare svelato da Sofia Arvidsson: "Ho avuto un momento molto imbarazzante la scorsa settimana. Ho incontrato Lucie Safarova, fidanzata di Tomas, bagagli in mano per tornare a casa.

Le ho detto:' Sei già a casa? Non guardi Tomas?

Lucie: No, non stiamo più insieme ora ...

(Ops! imbarazzante!) "

in French

La fin du couple Safarova/Berdych?

Attention Rumeur! Il semblerait que le couple tchèque Tomas Berdych et Lucie Safarova soit fini. Après avoir passé des années ensemble, les deux athlètes auraient décidé de se séparer d'après des informations données par la joueuse Sofia Arvidsson via Internet.

 Cette dernière aurait effectué le commentaire suivant:

"J'ai eu un moment très gênant la semaine dernière. J'ai rencontré Lucie Safarova, fiancée de Tomas, les bagages à la main sur le retour à la maison.

Moi: Tu rentres déjà? Tu ne restes pas pour regarder Tomas?

Lucie: Non, nous ne sommes plus ensemble désormais...

(Oups! Embarassant!) "


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