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Tomas Berdych in Brno on Saturday, October 23, 2010 at the Invicta Epilog event, endurance race

Posted on October 23, 2010 at 6:40 PM

Between 22nd October and 23rd October, the Invicta Epilog event, which is the most prominent endurance race in the Czech Republic, is going to celebrate its 11th birthday. Its premiere took place on a foggy and rainy October Saturday, the last racing day of the 1999 season. The ways racers are teamed up are often very interesting: these racers were attracted to this form of racing due to desire to try something new... but with time, they have become overwhelmed by the desire for prestige. The length of the race changed as well, the original four-hour race turned into a six-hour race. It didn't take long and the Epilog event became a permanent venue in the calendar of the Czech Republic's international championship in the Division 4 where teams go for points in the first half of the competition.


Tomas Berdych : "I'm just a little bit reticent to ride a motorbike. The car is still just safer and more comfortable and I cannot afford an injury. This being said I have great respect for motorcycle racers."

good to hear from Tomas coz
*Precious Tomas, I don't want you to ride a motorbike*

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Invicta Epilog 22-23 October 2010

For the first time, "Epilog“ has appeared in the schedule of the Masaryk Circuit nine years ago, when the idea of completing the season at Brno by endurance riding obtained the green light. This decision was already justified by the premiere, which was put up for four hours. A very well cast starting field, which included Dieter Quester, the quadruple European ex-champion in touring cars, presented onlookers a large scale of cars with various modifications.

The event was actually not obstructed by the morning mist of thick fog. This occasion reminded any witness the history of endurance car races in Brno, launched in 1950 at the old Masaryk Circuit by the twelve-hour race with participation of purely Czechoslovakian drivers, which is so hardly commemorated today.

When cars took their turn again on Brno classic natural track after eight-year break in 1962, the revival of the endurance championships had not let anyone wait too long. After free international six-hour races in 1966 and 1967, the old Masaryk Circuit was upgraded to the schedule of the FIA European Touring Car Championship. The series soon obtained a status of the European Championship; nevertheless, it has kept its endurance nature.

The second half of 80´s was not favourable for official touring car championships under the auspices of FIA; the restored European Championship has been recovered only in the latest years, and then recast in the World Championship in 2004. The technical reglements have virtually fettered the concerned cars into a single class, and the racing system differs from the former endurance races as well. Nevertheless, the example of the 24-hour race at the German Nürburgring with the huge number of starting cars, and fantastic onlooker background clearly shows, that the endurance races have still something to say.

Also the numbers of registered teams and cars in the starting rolls of „Epilog“ (from which the sporting prototypes have been deleted due to safety reasons) are growing fast every year. The fact that the keen competition originally planned for Czech drivers attracts more and more European drivers confirms the growing international reputation of the Brno „Le Mans“.

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