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Tomas Berdych remains optimistic for a great end of season

Posted on October 18, 2010 at 4:05 AM

A Feng Shui Photoshop... "Make Your Dreams Come True"

Berdych remains optimistic: "... I have two goals - returning to the top ten and finish the year in London. The first is fulfilled, it is now necessary to qualify for London. There are still enough tournaments to play and hopefully I will play well"

How to Count to Ten in Czech

1.       One - Jedna (YEH-dnah), jeden (YEH-dehn), jedno (JEH-dnoh)

2.       Two - Dva (Dvah), dvě (dvieh)

3.       Three - Tři (Trzhi)

4.       Four - Čtyři (CHTI-rzhi)

5.       Five - Pět (Piet)

6.       Six - Šest (Shest)

7.       Seven - Sedm (SEH-dum)

8.       Eight - Osm (OS-um)

9.       Nine - Devět (DEH-viet)

10.     Ten - Deset (DEH-set)

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