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Latest News on Tomas Berdych before 2010 US Open Start

Posted on August 26, 2010 at 3:44 PM

Tomas Berdych "Rock Chic in New York"

From the Czech media (my translation)

- His parents will be in New York attending all his matches and cheering on their son.

- On his defeat to Federer in QF Toronto... Tomas: "Good. I must say that one or two days after the match I was still  thinking about it, I was angry at myself. I had the match in my racket. But we played a similar match in Miami earlier in March, I was just so happy that I won. Now it was Roger's turn. I've forgotten, and just retain the positive things. I just have to prove that I can beat him again"

- Asked about his left leg's injury... Tomas:  "It bothered me, especially in Cincinnati, but it was not the cause of  my loss to Baghdatis. I guess after Washington and Toronto, my body said 'stop, enough',  I felt tired, had no force left. I worried about my leg, but after the last tournament I had the whole week off. My leg is already quite fit and I train full time."

- "I will play an exhibition in Central Park, where there will be about two hundred children at the event. It should be fun."

- Last Grand Slam of the year US Open... Tomas: "From the first round I will play at hundred percent, I will try to win the first point, the first game and so on until the end."

- Don't miss it... He will be doing an exclusive daily blog for Eurosport during the US Open... A cameraman will follow Tomas behind the scenes... can't wait!


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