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2017 AUSTRALIAN OPEN - TOMAS BERDYCH Head Graphene Touch Instinct MP Racquet

Posted on January 14, 2017 at 7:15 PM


Updated with a new frame construction along with improved feel, Head's Graphene Touch Instinct MP remains a very user-friendly option for intermediate ball strikers. This racquet should also work well for the advanced player who needs a light player’s racquet with controllable power and easy access to spin. Compared to the previous generation, the Graphene Touch Instinct MP is a tad more head heavy, but it remains extremely maneuverable. It also comes with a slightly thicker beam, which creates a livelier, more even feel on off center impact. Thanks to the addition of Graphene Touch to the layup, this racquet should have enough dampening to satisfy comfort seekers. From the baseline the Instinct MP is fast and lively, but it also comes with the kind of accuracy that inspires big cuts and aggressive targeting. The muted feel helps soften the ride, and the open 16x19 string pattern supplies more than enough bite for bringing the ball down sharply with spin. At net this stick errs on the side of speed, making it ideal for those who want quick positioning when the pressure is on. Like its predecessor, this version of the Instinct MP also comes around fast on service returns, making it easier for you to step in and attack the ball. All in all, Head has produced a fine update to the Instinct MP. Offering a slightly more dampened ride, this racquet is a nice option for intermediate and advanced players who want a modern player's racquet with a speedy and precise feel.


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