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TOP STORY - Tomas Berdych demands apology for being wrongly named on PANAMA PAPERS list. Berdych decided not to let it go by all possible means.

Posted on April 9, 2016 at 1:10 AM

TOMAS BERDYCH "I have absolutely nothing to do witth Panama. I just know that this country exists on the map"

Berdych demands apology for being wrongly named on Panama Papers list

09-04-2016 | Daniela Lazarová (Radio CZ)

Czech tennis player Tomas Berdych has demanded an apology from the ctk news agency after it reported that he was one of close to 300 Czechs on the Panama Papers list. In an interview for Mlada fronta Dnes Berdych said that the mistake had been driven by a hunger for sensationalism. According to the player the ctk inaccurately cited a report by the Czech Centre for Investigative Journalism which has been analyzing the Panama Papers files.

Mlada fronta Dnes writes that the tenuous link to Berdych was Petr Skopal an agent for a network of solar power plants whose reportedly name appears on the said files. Tomas Berdych co-owns one of the solar plants. “I know Petr Skopal, but we do not co-own property. I have nothing whatsoever to do with the Panama Papers scandal.” Berdych told the paper. The ctk news agency corrected its report on Thursday.

TOMAS BERDYCH: "My God, what is this madness?"

"That man (Petr Skopal), of course I know him, but we have no common property. And even if something ... If, for example, I co-owned with a murderer, does it mean that I killed someone, too. All that relates to the power plant is completely transparent"

Berdych feels unjustly defamed and contacted his lawyers with whom he works for a long time.


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