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ATP ACES For Charity: The Tomas Berdych Foundation aims to develop potential through productive sports and activities

Posted on August 3, 2015 at 4:25 AM

Charities and Causes

"I established the Tomáš Berdych Foundation (Nadační fond Tomáše Berdycha) in 2013 with the intention to support the development of sports activities of both children and adults. I believe that my name will remind people of how sports may influence the life of every individual. The basic value pillar of the foundation is to claim social responsibility related to my wish to return back a part of the support I am receiving thanks to sports."

The Tomas Berdych Foundation aspires to develop human potential through sports activities and projects which encourage the active spending of free time. One of the main priorities of the Endowment Fund is for sport to become a part of the everyday life for a majority of the population. It aspires to achieve its vision through: implementing programmes and activities that will motivate children and adults to play sport; providing equipment for athletes, teams and schools; developing public education in the area of healthy lifestyle and sports; and improving training conditions for talented young athletes.


The Tomas Berdych Foundation has been selected to receive a €15,000 grant through the ATP ACES For Charity programme in 2015. The grant with go towards the project, "Sports with Tomas Berdych Foundation", which has an objective of supporting sports within local communities and promotion of sports activities in children of the school age in the Czech Republic.

“Through the project we want to assist in a long-term opening of sport activities to people endangered with the lack of money and to encourage young people to go in for sports,” said Berdych.

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