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My Wimbledon: Tomas Berdych

Posted on June 18, 2014 at 5:00 PM


Wednesday 18 June 2014

As a Wimbledon finalist in 2010, Tomas Berdych enjoyed not having to carry his own bags on to court, although there are many other reasons why he loves The Championships.

Why I love Wimbledon: "The history of the tournament, and because I made the final there in 2010."

My tips for a fan attending Wimbledon for the first time: "Come on the second Monday, as then you can see lots of tennis, including on the outside courts. And don't forget your umbrella."

My first memory of watching Wimbledon on television or in person: "I'm not sure whether this was my first memory but I remember the time that Goran Ivanisevic won Wimbledon as a wild card, beating Pat Rafter in the final to hold up the trophy."

How I like to relax in Wimbledon between matches: "Like many players, I rent a house near to the courts, so I'm always trying to go back home. I like to relax there and have some quiet time, and also rest.”

The player from the past I would like to face on Centre Court: "That would definitely be Pete Sampras, as I think I missed playing him by half a year, or half a season. I was starting to play Grand Slams when he retired. I didn't get the chance to face him, so that would be great to play him on Centre Court at Wimbledon."

My first memory of competing at Wimbledon: "It was in the juniors when I was very young. So the memories aren't that great. At that time, trying to play on grass was very new for me."

My Wimbledon highlight: "It's definitely 2010. The whole tournament was really great, until the final."

The one match at Wimbledon I would like the chance to play again: "I would like to try the final again."

My favourite Wimbledon tradition: "I've experienced it only once, and it was very cool - walking out on to Centre Court for the final, with the guys from the locker room holding your bags. So you walk on to court without having to carry your bag, and that's really very special."

How I spend my time during a rain delay: "If you're waiting to play, that's a tough one, but that's what you have to deal with. I'll try to find some quiet place, a corner, whether it's in the locker room or somewhere, and I'll try to stay relaxed."

How I adapt my game to grass: "It's more about the movement, which is difficult for me. I need to stay much lower. I'm quite heavy, so it's not easy, but when I manage it, I think my game suits grass pretty well, as I serve pretty well and I hit the ball quite flat."



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