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2014 Miami - TWITTER Tomas Berdych answers fan questions

Posted on March 22, 2014 at 6:05 PM

Tomas Berdych is answering fan questions right now in the Player Lounge!


Question: Ice cream or cake ? Champagne or Beer ? -- your preferences.

Tomas: Ice cream and champagne. Probably not together but a champagne float doesn't sound bad.

Filippo Iovino

Question: What sport do you like other tennis?

Tomas: Ice hockey and I like to ski!


Question: If you were to spend ur entire life wearing just 1 kind of clothing, what would it be ?

Tomas: I need underwear, right?

Kevin Chapin

Question: Will you be my best friend? I’ll buy you a beer when you come to NY

Tomas: I cannot cheat on my tennis racket! But I am ready for a beer in NY!


Question: Who is the funniest atp player and even wta player?

Tomas: I would say Nole. He is known for his imitations!




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