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Questions & Answers session - Tomas Berdych official Twitter Dubai - Sunday, February 23, 2014

Posted on February 23, 2014 at 3:30 PM

joining us for a Twitter take over at 3.30 pm today



Sherry Joshua

Q - Who's your fav in the WTA circuit?

Tomas: I have no preference, who's your favorite?

Sherry Joshua: can't think of anyone else other than @sabinelisicki not a bad choice eh

Ezekiel Mendoza

Q - Will you compete in Mixed doubles soon?

Tomas: No I will not

pisces jenny

Q - ur fvrt movie??

Tomas: Man on Fire!

pisces jenny: thank u for replying 

Tomas: Thank you for tweeting your question!

Ezekiel Mendoza

Q - What is the reason behind your monicker birdman?

Tomas: What does monicker mean?

Ezekiel Mendoza: It is your nickname for example Rafa - King of Clay and Federer - Swiss Maestro

nards ragas™.

Q . You love coming back to play in Dubai? Why?

Tomas: The field is always packed of top 10 guys & I love to be part of that always a big challenge to me!

Louise Ma

Q - your fashionable and handsome hairstyle is made by yourself every morning?

Tomas: I woke up, sometimes create something, sometimes not

Sherry Joshua

Q - What surface you prefer playing on and what's your favorite grand slam?  

Tomas: favorite slam is Wimbledon and surface hard court!

Louise Ma

Q - Instagram,Twitter, Facebook and Weibo, which is your favorite social one? Louise from Shanghai

Tomas: I like to keep my fans informed on all these!

Sherry Joshua

Q - Congratulations on your ABN Amro title much needed after a drought how confident are you coming into Dxb

Tomas: Thank you! Glad to have another title under my belt & really looking forward to playing in Dubai!


Q - favorite color?

Tomas: Orange!

Q - Coffee or tea ?

Tomas: Coffee!

Q - Worst experience on tour since pro ? Excluding match losses

Tomas: Food poisoning in China :-(


Q - Favourite song of the moment and favourite one of all time?

Tomas: Now 'invisible' - U2 & all time Foo Fighters - 'Pretender'


Q - What is your favourite sport other than tennis?

Tomas: Ice Hockey!


Q - What was your feeling when you won a title after 16 months?

Tomas: Great feeling to win a title, doesn't matter that it's after 16 months


Q - How came that particular passion for watches?

Tomas: It's a unique handmade work


Q - what is your favourite watch lately? And the last one you bought?

Tomas: I'm waiting for delivery of one very special watch. Stay tuned on my instagram account!

nards ragas™.

Q - Is your tennis outift (H&M) are available in UAE stores?

Tomas: Unfortunately not, check the online store!

Rika NoleNovak

Q - one thing u love about Dubai?

Tomas: weather in this period of the year!


nards ragas™.

Q - Your favorite foods in Dubai?

Tomas: any recommendations for any typical arabic food?

nards ragas™. You may try Beef/Lamb Kebab or Chicken Tikka.

Qwe ( Machboos , Beryani , Mandi and kebab for sure )

Ezekiel Mendoza ‏

Q - Favorite Winter Olympics sport and why?

Tomas: Ice hockey, we are still a hockey country

nards ragas™.

Q - Wanna ask if your outfit are available in H&M stores worldwide. Thanks!

Tomas: supposed to be on online H&M stores


Q - What's your favourite U2 song?

Tomas: I like the last one 'invisible'

nards ragas™.

Q - What is your normal routine to recover after the tiring and a very exhausting match?

Tomas: stretching, massage, ice-y bath, good food and long sleep!

Joel Vilarrasa

Q - Which tennis legend would you like to play with? Good luck for this week Tomas!

Tomas: Pete Sampras, I miss him on tour & thank you!


Q - Who do you like more: Batman or Superman?

Tomas: Batman!


Q - Tomas: Ana Ivanovic or Sam Stosur?

Tomas: Ana Ivanovic!

Serena Williams

Q - Do you have any goals for this season?

Tomas: Qualify to the world tour finals & make a good result on the slams!







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