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After Wimbledon Round 3... Two days of rest and an ice bath for the winner

Posted on June 26, 2010 at 4:19 AM


Wimbledon Round 3 on Friday, June 25, 2010 between Denis Istomin and Tomas Berdych

They arrived at 15:16 pm and Berdych celebrated mp at 19:18 pm... spent 4 hours on Court No. 12

Excerpt from Tomas' interview to Czech reporters after his victory over Denis Istomin (my translation)

You lost first and third set. Then you changed something?

TB:He played very well, unexpectedly, he broke my serve, while I may have thought it would be easier. I could rely on my Roland Garros results for confidence. It helped me a lot, especially in the important moments. I believe in myself more and more.

How much power will this third round match cost you? You played nearly four hours...

TB: After what I saw from the match between Mahut and Isner, I can’t say I played a long match and that I'm tired. But I’m happy that I have two days off and an ice bath

An ice bath… is it something new ?

TB: Well, this year in San Jose after a long match against American Wayne Odesnik, on hard surface, my body suffered, I was exhausted. In the hockey locker room there was a whirlpool with cold water, so I tried it and the next day I felt really good. Since then, I do it often, even at home.

German Daniel Brands awaits you in fourth round...

TB: I've never played against him but it is not important. I must go on further.

You mentioned the drama Isner - Mahut. What can you add about it?

TB: It was amazing. And that I was in the same tournament, where it happened. Of course, I’ll remember it forever.

Berdych said he felt he might be eliminated from the tournament when he lost the third set.

“I was a break up and serving to finish the set, and then I lost it, I lost the tiebreak. It was really tough moment.

“I was really close to get out from the draw and just going home,” he said, “but finally I can turn it over and bring it on my side.” In the end, Berdych said, he felt he won because he was in better physical condition than his opponent.



about two days off

Wimbledon is scheduled for 13 days, beginning on a Monday and ending on a Sunday with the middle Sunday a designated rest day. The five main events span both weeks, but the youth and invitational events are held mainly during the second week. Traditionally, there is no play on the "Middle Sunday", which is considered a rest day. However, rain has forced play on the Middle Sunday three times in the Championship's history: in 1991, 1997, and 2004. On each of these occasions, Wimbledon has staged a "People's Sunday", with unreserved seating and readily available, inexpensive tickets, allowing those with more limited means to sit on the show courts. Additionally, if the tournament is not completed by the end of the second Sunday, all remaining matches are postponed until "People's Monday".

about ice bath

In tennis, the better you are faring the sooner you are off court, into an ice bath and beginning preparations for your next round.

It's about helping the muscles, tendons and bones recover from their workout. During exercise muscles suffer small fibre tears that cause small amounts of internal bleeding. When you get into an ice bath (for between five and 10 minutes), the cold causes the vessels to constrict and the blood to flow out of your limbs. When you step out of the bath, and your body warms up, blood flows back and this invigorates the muscles with oxygen, helping the cells to repair themselves better.



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