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why oh why?

Posted on April 2, 2010 at 2:33 AM

... the players at this stage of the competition have to play so late in the evening, even in the night? It was past midnight for the Berdych/Federer match.

They forget that sportmen don't go to bed as soon as the match is over... then there is interview, massage, antidoping stuff, going back to the hotel, having dinner... Well, the organizers -to make money- don't respect the players who need to sleep well, to take their breath back, to relax.

I already know that Tomas can't be through to the final after having played 2h51mn against Federer and again 2h51mn against Verdasco. He is no robot.

Prove me I'm wrong.

Anyway it was a nice run in Miami. Great, he will rise in the ATP ranking. Bravo Tomas!


updated: :cool:

Tomas "I-aim-to-please-my-fans" Berdych destroys Soderling in Key Biscayne semis to set up Roddick final

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