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Czech training sessions on clay have started in Bree, Belgium *gif*

Posted on March 1, 2010 at 8:49 AM

Tomas seen here during his first training session in Bree on Monday, 1st March 2010



Monday, 1st March, 2010

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"I'd say that the main problem is clay, especially as the season has already started on hard surfaces and immediately after the Davis Cup we’re going back to the U.S. on these surfaces. Well, we have only a few days to get used to clay."

Czech tennis players are complaining about the Belgian clay

Czech tennis players are a little frustrated with the quality of clay prepared by the organizers for the first round matches of Davis Cup. Today's first practice showed that the surface is very soft. Tennis players are very afraid of injuries!

"The court is very soft and we must be careful with injuries, especially from Tuesday when we hit harder and start playing some training sets. From the beginning of the practice the boys have their ankles strapped to prevent injury" said captain Navratil.

"It is clear that the Belgians did not want to play on hard against the Czechs and they chose clay. We must understand. We don't play at home, so we must adapt. The key to success will be the first Friday's singles." he added.

More critical is Jan Hajek. "The terrain is certainly not in ideal condition. An official referee must come and check the surface.  They must do something and those courts must be put OK. There are holes, it's very soft and dangerous for our ankles." said the tennis player

The Belgians have planned a press conference on Tuesday.

Czech tennis players:
"Clay in Belgium is terrible... we are  afraid of the crappy surface and possible injury"

Tomas Berdych and Jan Hajek during a practice session

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