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2009 Zlaty Kanar/Golden Canary "Annual Czech Award"

Posted on December 11, 2009 at 12:29 PM

A total of 174 personalities, including sport officials, journalists and sponsors have answered in the poll.


Golden Canary/ZlatyKanar = poll for the best Czech tennis player representing the Czech Republic

Davis Cup Team (Berdych, Stepanek, Dlouhy, Hajek, Hernych, Minar, captain Navratil) 132, 2.Stepanek 35, 3.Berdych 6, 4. Safarova 1.

Best male player:

1. Stepanek 138, 2. Berdych 36.

Best female player:

1. Safarova 95, 2. Kvitova 46, 3. Benesova 31, 4. Hradecka 1.

Best rise in ATP:

1. Hajek 151, 2. Stepanek 19, 3. Vik 4.

Best rise in WTA:

1.Hradecka 127, 2. Safarova 36, 3. Hlavackova 3, 4. Kar. Plískova 2, 5. Zahlavova-Strycova Benesova 1.

Male juniors' talent ofthe year:

1. Vesely 92.

Female juniors' talent of the year:

1. Rohanova 96.

Doubles player of the year:

1. Dlouhy 170, 2. Cermak and Stepanek 2.

Female doubles player of the year:

1. Zahlavova-Strycova 93, 2.Peschkeova 59, 3. Benesova 8, 4. Hlavackova 5, 5. Hradecka, Hrdinova and Voracova 1.

Doubles player of the year:

1.Berdych and Stepanek 168.

Team of the Year

1. Davis Cup team 174.

Best wheel-chaired player:



Tomas Berdych’s girlfriend Lucie Safarova received the trophy for the the best female tennis player of 2009


This year’s Golden Canary award for the Czech Republic’s tennis player of the year has gone not to an individual but to the whole of the country’s Davis Cup team.

The Czechs reached the competition’s final this year for the first time since Czechoslovakia won it in 1980, only to be beaten by the defending champions Spain.

After receiving the Golden Canary from Czech President Václav Klaus in Prague on Friday night, one of the Czech team’s key players Tomas Berdych was asked if he minded the fact it was a shared prize.

“No, absolutely not. Quite the opposite. Maybe it looks strange, but speaking for myself I think that you always celebrate any success you achieve with a team more than success you experience alone. You celebrate it more, you enjoy it more and have what I might call greater team joy.”

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