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Berdych jet-lagged

Posted on January 23, 2013 at 6:30 PM

It took Berdych 50 hours to get from Melbourne back home due to plane trouble. The incident is reported on The Aviation Herald.

Aviation Herald – All News, Incidents and Accidents in Aviation.


Emirates A388 at Melbourne on Jan 23rd 2013, unsafe gear after departure

An Emirates Airlines Airbus A380-800, registration A6-EDY performing flight EK-407 from Melbourne,VI (Australia) to Dubai (United Arab Emirates), was climbing out of Melbourne's runway 16 when the crew stopped the climb at FL110 reporting one of the gear doors had not closed after gear retraction. After working the checklists the crew decided to return to Melbourne, dumped fuel at FL110, FL150 and FL140 and landed safely back on Melbourne's runway 16 about 140 minutes after departure.

The aircraft was able to depart Melbourne as flight EK-407D the following day with a delay of 22.5 hours and is estimated to reach Dubai with a delay of 22 hours.



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