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Biofile: The Tomas Berdych Interview By Scoop Malinowski

Posted on September 1, 2009 at 10:08 PM

Happy Tomas

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Tuesday, September 1, 2009

The rumbling of the nearby No. 7 train is a distraction for some players, but the sound of the approaching train sounds like a homecoming to Tomas Berdych.

Berdych's father, Martin, is a train engineer and recalls his son hitting the ball in the center of the strings from nearly the first moment he picked up a racquet. Finding the court, however, was another story.

"My father (Martin) told me when I was starting to play tennis I was always hitting the ball -- not ever in the court," Berdych said. "But I hit the ball with the racquet not missing the ball. No missing the ball."

Berdych is playing for a positive start at the US Open today as he faces Wayne Odesnik in the opening around. A year ago, Berdych suffered his first career opening-round at Flushing Meadows suffering a straight-sets loss to Sam Querrey.
Height/Weight: 6-foot-5, 200 pounds.
Born on: September 17, 1985  in Valasske Mezirici, Czech Republic
Tennis Inspirations:  "If I have some heroes in tennis" No I don't have any heroes, not in tennis, not in other kind of sports, nothing. I'm trying to play and be myself."
Hobbies/Leisure Activities:  "Yeah, of course my hobbie -- if you are in
pro tennis
you don't have much more time. So if it's chance to go watch some good films, cinema, listening to some music. And I think for a tennis player the best is relaxing."
Early Tennis Memory:  "My father (Martin) told me when I was starting to play tennis I was always hitting the ball -- not ever in the court [smiles]. But I hit the ball with the racquet not missing the ball. No missing the ball."
Pre-Match Feeling: "Whew. I'm trying to concentrate for my match and feeling -- sometimes I'm nervous, sometimes not, depends on which kind of match is it. So some special feeling" No I don't have it."
Favorite Meal:  "I like a lot of different meals. But favorite...let's say chicken and some pasta because for tennis you can eat some."
Favorite Ice Cream Flavor:  "Chocolate."
Favorite Movies:  "I like the English name -- three movies Lord Of The Rings. They were amazing, it was unbelievable."
Musical Tastes:  "I like a lot of the performers like Metallica, U2 and the style like this, not techno."
Greatest Sports Moment:  "Win in Paris Bercy (defeated Ljubicic in five sets in 2005). And of course beat Roger Federer at Olympic Games (2004)."
Most Painful Moment:  "I don't like to lose any match. So every match that I lose is painful."
Favorite Tournament(s):  "Outside the Grand Slams? Dubai. It's a beautiful place. Something different. And it's nice."
Closest Tennis Friends:  "Of course your kind of friend is you coach because you are spending a lot of time with your coach. And I think a lot of players in the tennis, you're friends with everybody. But closest friend -- I don't have only one friend. But I have a lot of friends with the Czech."
Funniest Player Encountered: "I don't know. I don't have any special just one who is the most funny."
Toughest Competitors:  "I have to say Roger. Of course the toughest match was with Roger in Australia because he's the top player of the world and it was the toughest match for me, for this time."
Favorite Vacation Spot: "I haven't been there but I would like to go to Bora Bora."
People Qualities Most Admired:  "People has to be funny, fair and not be (like), Okay, you are good, good. And he goes to somebody else and says, Oh, he's bad.
And like this."



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