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Czech Tomas Berdych: 'The Superstar Effect'

Posted on July 20, 2010 at 5:55 PM


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Tomas Berdych, Thank You to Be You!


From recent news in the Czech Media (my translation)

Tomas Berdych made the final of Wimbledon, of course it brought him the prize money and other bonuses in the form of advertising revenues. According to his manager Miroslav Cernosek, due to his recent success, the quoted value of Tomas Berdych in the advertising market has considerably increased.

Experts in marketing agree that Berdych is now ranked in the five most expensive sport in the advertising market in the Czech Republic, among other Czech stars, Petr Cech, Jaromir Jagr, Tomas Vokoun and Tomas Ujfalusi. Czech athletes in recent years have become part of a series of advertising campaigns. Financial reward for their promotional activities is however kept secret.

Berdych gets the biggest bonus from Nike. Tomas has a contract with them until 2013. The contract is attractive mainly to Berdych in the bonus section, according to some speculations, the bonus is in the hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Nike is very satisfied with Tomas. I know it's not nice to say that but I translate what I read:  Davydenko's visage is not particularly attractive. Tomas is in another category. *He is cute and super cute, those blue eyes kill. Super handsome from head to toe. He could easily be a top model.* Tomas has a rather pretty face in the men's tennis among players who look very good."  Nike representatives have contacted Berdych management and have expressed their great satisfaction with his current results. Nike believes a lot in Tomas. And just a little reminder it already happened in the past that Nike did not hesitate to repudy Mario Ancic and replaced him by Baghdatis. Business is Business

Communication consultants also mentioned that the big advantage with Tomas is that he speaks fluently English, he can speak in public, is comfortable with the crowd and is very communicative. For example, Berdych behavior after the Wimbledon final was very positively evaluated, especially when he said that his second place is a challenge for next year. He retained attention of the audience ... also got a standing ovation. "Ladies and gentlemen, Mr. Tomas Berdych," a full stadium applauded him again.

Tomas has a big sense of humour with the media. Once he told this story... the day before the great Wimbledon final he went to a Japanese restaurant *Tomas loves sushis*  with his team, parents, Lucie... the restaurant was full. Tomas said who he was...  tomorrow's Wimbledon finalist! "I had to use all my weapons and finally got a table".

Since Wimbledon final Tomas belongs to the tennis elite -as of July 18, 2010 he is ranked # 4 in the Race for London final- from now on, entry fees for the new tennis star he is, represent often more than the prize money. Tomas will look forward to Asian tournaments this autumn, they offer huge entry fees in comparison to European events. Tomas is now guaranteed for going there at around 50 000 Euros pro tournament just because of his presence at the tournament. That's why, he will certainly prefer to play in Shanghai, Tokyo instead of Lyon, Valencia...

About the Dunlop bag/Head racquet, Tomas' manager admits that it's a strange situation and that it is confusing a lot of people, but he announced that the 'problem' should be solved by the end of the year.

Concerning his future tournaments, Tomas will rearrange his schedule for the coming years... it means playing less, especially the small tournaments like ATP 250 which don't offer many points to improve his ranking. Tomas must absolutely rest between events. For instance, after the semifinal at Roland Garros, he said that he was 'dead', completely exhausted physically and mentally, and this several days after the match. Grand Slams, Masters Series are very demanding. How to say, Tomas is like a Formula 1 driver, except that the car is his body. He must absolutely take care of his health, relaxing, doing fitness...

Tomas Berdych is more than just good tennis skills, he is now physically fit and mentally strong. Please keep doing the good things that you are doing now. We love you Tomas Berdych.




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