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Interview - Czech Republic beats US at Hopman Cup to stay perfect after 2 matches

Posted on January 4, 2012 at 9:30 PM

Transcript Petra Kvitova & Tomas Berdych

You’re in form today.

(Berdych) Well finally I made my first mixed doubles to win here in Perth, so that’s a bit of celebration for that, so maybe I’m more happy for that than my singles – no juts kidding. We made it, so that’s a good one. Looking forward to one more and try to go for the final.

You’re going to lock it away on Friday; we’re looking forward to that. Now in the eleventh game, at the end of the eleventh game, you must have said something very funny Petra because you went into stitches. Would you like to share with our audience? What did you say?

(Kvitova)Well I don’t think it’s for the people.

(Berdych) It was nothing bad. It was just from the tennis, but that’s what I like about Petra, that she is just like straight. She made that nice lob over head, over them and then after that she just said ‘well I just forgot to go on the net’ and as we said before I was on the back so…

Ok well it broke you up anyway, and then you kept on going with it as you were sitting down in the break. Now you played golf for the first time in Perth. For the very first time you went out to the golf course here in Burswood and you hit it ok. You got some lessons. Your tennis is going ok, but have you ever thought about turning pro as a golfer?

(Kvitova) Well maybe I ask Tomas because he likes to play golf, we’ll see. No I play only one time and that’s enough for now.

You were very good. You obviously get out on the course a bit, what do you play, have you got a handicap?

(Berdych) Well I don’t know if I can be that good to teach someone, you know I’m still in the process of teaching myself, or learning myself. I have something about 18, 19 – it’s not many times to get on golf course but if I have the time it’s nice relax.

Stick to tennis, I think you’re going ok. On Friday we’re all waiting, the world is waiting, take on Caroline Wozniacki. It’s a match everyone is looking forward to.

(Kvitova) Yeah everybody waiting for this match. I mean for me it’s a match as usual and we’ll see, it will be a small test for next tournaments and next matches and we will see on Friday.

It will be the first of many we’re sure in 2012. Well played today again.


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