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Transcript - Tomas Berdych and Petra Kvitova (Czech Republic)

Posted on January 2, 2012 at 11:05 AM

Tomas Berdych and  Petra Kvitova - Czech team start big 2012 at Hopman Cup


Tomas Berdych and Petra Kvitova (Czech Republic)

Monday, 2 January 2012


That was a good way to start the year.

(Kvitova) Yeah of course, we won singles which was most important for us. We had fun in the mixed and unfortunately we lost but it was good practice for next match.

You didn’t feel rusty today?

(Berdych) No, well I mean the start is always like that, you coming for the first match of the year so a bit of expectations. But if you have a good, I would say preparation that what both we did, then yeah I think we both had a really solid singles game and that’s it.

Tomas they’ve said now that you’ve now had seven here in mixed and you’ve had problems in your career...

(Kvitova) Next time Tomas...

Is there something about it because you seem to be playing pretty well for most of the matches tonight?

(Berdych) Well the one thing is to play well and the other one is to win. So it doesn’t count, only the score is count and that’s important. As I said on the beginning that our tactic is to win both of the singles and that’s the best thing. Then you know we can just have a try and have fun in mixed, but it would be nice to have at least one win. But you know maybe this case could be that it’s not going to be many of them, but there’s going to be one very important one and that’s the one. So we will see.

Tomas after the match you said you want to stay inside the top 8 for this year and get to London again. How about the Grand Slams? You identified that as a major area where you could improve on this year.

(Berdych) Yeah definitely that was the second part what I said as well on court – that the Grand Slams are another kind of goal. My last season was really good, I would say better than 2010, but I was missing some good results from the Grand Slams. So that’s definitely the key – how to make the season better and it’s very important to make a good Grand Slam.

The fact that you made it to the Wimbledon final a couple of years ago – does that give you confidence that you do have the guns to match it?

(Berdych) Well not only the confidence it just gives you the feeling that you are able to play well for those two weeks because it’s different than just singles tournaments and it’s really long to be really stay in form and playing well. I know that I can do that and that’s probably the more important thing.

Petra this time last year you were ranked 30-ish in the world and you hadn’t done all the things you went on to do. What kind of different frame of mind are you in this year compared to then? It must be a whole different feeling or whole different world for you?

(Kvitova) Well every season is different. You know one year ago I was 34, now I am 2. It’s the starting of the new season and everybody see me on the first board but it’s not really easy to play on court and be focus on the tennis but I want to try it and improve every part and not be focused on the first.

You said it’s hard to focus on tennis now?

(Kvitova) Well I am focused on this. I mean Caroline plays great and definitely she can win some Grand Slams or something. I mean the women tennis is really open now so everybody can be high.

Do you feel this is a good time for you to really pounce, obviously with the field so open, you could add to your Grand Slam titles over the next few years?

(Kvitova) Well I mean yeah it can be, but all of us last year was four Grand Slam and four winners, so I mean it’s not only about me but all of us.

Over the next couple of weeks there will be a lot of talk about you and Caroline and number one. Is that a bit of an annoyance in a way? Do you wish everybody would stop talking about it? Or do you enjoy being caught up in that kind of situation?

(Kvitova) Well its crazy the same kind of questions to ask but I know that for you its important know it. How I said – for me it doesn’t matter and I just want to play and have fun on court.

What would you rather – to be world number one or win another Grand Slam? What’s more important?

(Kvitova) Well I mean it’s really tough. I got a Grand Slam and know the feeling when I won and it was unbelievable and it would be nice if it will be again.

But obviously with where you are now you could probably achieve both this year?

(Kvitova) Ok I can say it –both.

Tomas do you think that any of the success that Petra has had this last year takes any of the pressure off you in a way? Does it make you relax having someone else bring such good news to Czech tennis?

(Berdych) Well I wouldn’t say so. It’s different, women’s tennis and men’s tennis. It’s just the way if I would have somebody, you know let’s say Radek or some other player that would be really close to me and maybe before me on the ranking or something like that, then it could be like this. I think that’s just the other side and Petra is enjoying this – all the feelings and all the stuff that she needs to do around that. I think it’s just a nice time to do, but definitely for Czech tennis it’s the best time by really many, many years ago. So yeah that’s only the important things coming and hopefully there will be more and more of that.

Tomas what are your thoughts on Lendl coaching Murray?

(Berdych) Well I want to see a couple of practices or a couple of weeks, how they going to do it together? I mean I don’t know that much about Andy - how is he like a guy that likes to practise or not. I mean I know his style and what he like to do and probably also want from his guy that is coaching. So it could work or maybe not – we will see in a couple weeks.

Tomas you said that your strategy here this week has been to both win singles and not worry about the doubles – are you two thinking about the Olympics and being together possibly and having the doubles be something where you would want to do well together for Czech Republic?

(Berdych) Well I think this is too far to go and as long as we both know that we can do really well on grass then I think our goal, our main focus is going to be on our singles. Then I don’t know if Petra is thinking to play doubles or not? I had a really good success with Radek in doubles we lost only once in Davis Cup that we played and you know so far my mixed record is not really well, so there is going to be a couple of things that I’m going to need to put on side and just decide. But definitely there is not that much space to go for the three competitions in one week – that would be impossible.

Can I ask you both how you spent the off season? Did you both manage to get some time relaxing?

(Berdych) Well my off season I just end up in London and went straight from the London for 10 days holiday and that was it. Then get home and start to do some fitness preparation and didn’t have much time to rest at all because the season is really long and really late in the year. I know that I’m going to start here and just need to get ready and start practising.

(Kvitova) Yeah I had similar as Tomas but I had a little bit more time off. I had three weeks and then I was in preparation again and we practice around one week in the Czech Republic, we had some week in Czech, and play both with Tomas. Here we are still in preparation for Australian Open.

Petra I know you’ve said you’ve had problems with the humidity in the US with your asthma. With the similar heat here in Australia sometimes, how do you manage that?

(Kvitova) Well I have to say that last year I didn’t have a big problem as in the US. I mean in the US it’s more humid as in here. I know that here it’s hot but it’s not a really big problem for me.

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