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2011 London ASAP Sports - Berdych interview after loss to Tsonga

Posted on November 26, 2011 at 11:50 PM


November 26, 2011


J. TSONGA/T. Berdych
6‑3, 7‑5

THE MODERATOR:  Questions, please.

Q.  You've had a great week.  But was it a case of him just playing a bit better tonight?

TOMAS BERDYCH:  Yeah, probably he played better.  He was better prepared than I do, and I didn't felt good since morning.  So, yeah, I mean, probably the day, one day off for him, was a bit deciding.  But that's how the schedule is.
But the other way, I mean, he was playing really solid, well served.  Just didn't give me chance at all.  But, you know, I mean, I had breakpoint in the first set first.  You know, if I would made it, could be different.  But did not happen at all.
He just solid win.

Q.  You played Federer last week and Tsonga right now.  How do you feel the final will turn out?  Do you think Tsonga has a good chance against Roger?

TOMAS BERDYCH:  Yeah, what is going to change?  If I say if Roger has a bigger chance or not.  They just go on court, they gonna play the final of the Masters Cup which, you know, is for the two best players here this week.  It's just gonna decide tomorrow.

Q.  How have you found the whole tournament this week?  You came out of a difficult group and reached the semifinal.

TOMAS BERDYCH:  Yeah, I'm pleased with this week.  It was a great experience for me.  You know, maybe to have a match point against world No.1 the first day, could be almost a perfect run through the group.  But anyway I won the group as well.
You know, my first semifinal this event.  Yeah, I mean, could be better.  I could feel better today, but does not happen.  That's it.  You have to be ready for whole week, not just the certain days.  That's it.

Q.  You said you weren't feeling good today.  Is that from playing last night or have you got an injury?

TOMAS BERDYCH:  No, not an injury.  But, yeah, since the morning I was feeling like a weak.  When I came here, I just see the doctor, get some pills, just had a little bit of a fever.  So it's tough to play in this condition with a guy like that.
But, you know, that's how it is.  I mean, it's not my excuses for that.  I had a chance, an option, to go on court or not.  I decide to go.  That was tough.

Q.  How did you find the whole atmosphere on court?  You had tremendous support.

TOMAS BERDYCH:  Yeah, the atmosphere was great.  Really nice.  Surprised by how many Czech people came up here support me.  It was just great to play in the atmosphere like that.
You know, hopefully it's going to be nice goal to looking forward to come here next year again.

Q.  A great incentive for you for the new season?

TOMAS BERDYCH:  Yeah, that's what I said.  One of the goals definitely for the next year.  I'm going to try to do all what I can and what's going to be in my strong to come here again to defending the semifinal.

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