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2011 Halle Round 1 - Post match interview with Tomas Berdych


Interview with Tomas Berdych after his first round victory

Question: Half an hour ago, did you still believe in the win?

Berdych: I always believe in it until the last point. If I wouldn’t believe that I wouldn’t be sitting here after winning the match. I was feeling quite good on the court. I was really trying to do it until the last ball. Not give him a single point, because I know how tough it is to close the match.

Q: Did your luggage arrive by now?

Berdych: Yes, finally. I got it yesterday morning. It’s some kind of comfort to have everything you need, so I didn’t have to go around asking the guys for stuff. As I said, the beginning of the tournament wasn’t so good, I was delayed, the next day I lost my luggage. So it couldn’t start worse than this. But now it can get only better.

Q: Paris was also a disappointing story for you. What did you learn from the French Open?

Berdych: It was really disappointing  for me, it was my first first round loss this year, it was just unlucky that it was happening in the French Open. But that’s tennis. Of course I learned a lot from that. I think I have to change some things, maybe be more focused on court. On the other hand, I just have to give a credit to the guy that beat me, he played really well that day. I had a break in the fifth, I had a match point, but that’s the game. It was a really bad week for me. Probably the best thing I learned from it is throw it away as quickly as possible to be ready for the next goal, and that’s why I’m here.

Q: Would you say that you just had a tough match out there and look forward?

Berdych: Well, in this season, or maybe the clay court season, I always start pretty good. I was playing really well in the first matches, really solid, maybe not my best tennis. But when I got further, say to the quarters, I got the toughest opponent and I had nothing to bring in to the match, to be better in my game, because I already used it in my first matches. That was always my start, the first round was always shaky, but then I can be better, improving my game. So I’m looking forward to that. It gives me a lot of confidence to win the match after three match points down, especially on grass. Especially when he was serving today, he served quite well today.

Q: You beat Roger and Novak in Wimbledon last year, you seem to be the man to beat this year.

Berdych: I’m going to say the same. It’s good to play these guys. It’s a long way to go to meet Roger or Rafael or Novak, it would probably be in the quarter finals, it depends on the seed. That means that I will have to win a lot of matches against a lot of tough opponents. But I can’t say if I’ll be able to win against them or not. I will try to win the first game in the first round and then I will try to do it again, step by step. If I get to the point to play these guys, I will probably be in a better position, but that’s really far away and I’m not thinking about that at all.

Q: Roger won’t play here in Halle. You are now the number one seeded player. Are you ready to be the favourite?

Berdych: It’s just the way people and the media look at the tournament. For me it doesn’t change anything. I need to play my best tennis, need to play really focused tennis. If I’m going to do well, of course I will have the chance to win a tournament. But as I said before, I won my first match, the second one is waiting. That’s the key for me, I’m not really thinking too far ahead.