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Petra Kvitova and Tomas Berdych

HOPMAN CUP - Perth Australia

January 6, 2012

Czech Republic vs Denmark

Tomas this time of year, it’s only six days into it, but have you ever been in better shape this early before Australian Open going into a major?

(Berdych) If I was better?

Have you ever been in this good of form?

(Berdych) Well probably, as I start twice here in Perth my Hopman Cup, I both get sick and get some stomach problems and it was not the best start for me. So this year, for the third time, it’s way better. As we can see that when I feel well then we both playing good matches, good tennis, and we are in the finals so far and still one match to go – so looking forward to that. Yeah I mean I have to say feeling good and pretty much really solid start for this 2012.

Petra for you, how satisfying was it to beat Caroline today?

(Kvitova) Well I don’t think so. It was a good match for Aussie Open, for preparation, it was small test. You know every match is different and it was good match for both of us.

You say it was a small test but everybody was billing it up as a big, big contest. For you, are you just buying the bigger picture?

(Kvitova) Well maybe it was for you a really big match. I understand that the people like to when play first and second women of the world. I hope that match was good for the people and they like it.

I don’t think you two have ever gone three sets against each other. Was there anything different that as the match went longer that you noticed any particular weaknesses or anything like that?

(Kvitova) Yeah it was the first match for where we play for three sets, but in this match you have to be like really focused for all match and it’s really tough to play all match very well. Caroline played well the second set and I was a little slow a little bit, and it was tough for me to play again more aggressive.

Which part of your game did you think got you the victory? What part of your game were you most impressed with?

(Kvitova) Well I mean the key in the third set was my serve when I had 40 – 0 with my serve. Finally I played more first serve and it was the key for the match in the end.

You are now 3 – 3 with Caroline, does that mean anything to you?

(Kvitova) No.

Why not? You said that we build up this match and the rest the tennis world love to see one and two player each other, why do you not care about it?

(Kvitova) Well I’m not care about, but for me every match is new one and a new start. Yeah ok it’s 3 – 3 but for me it really doesn’t mean anything.

Marion said the other day that she really wants that diamond tennis ball, how about yourself?

(Kvitova) Well we want them too.

(Berdych) I think we are four just for two balls, somebody will have to go without this, if I count right.

How are you feeling about coming up against Marion Bartoli tomorrow?

(Kvitova) Well unfortunately I had a bad record with her, so tomorrow hopefully will be the match for me. She’s playing great here. I know she has a great serve and many aces and she’s playing aggressive as me, so we will see who will be first tomorrow.

Tomas what about you with Gasquet – how are you feeling about coming up against him?

(Berdych) Yeah I think Richard is in really good form, really good shape. I think he had quite enough time for preparation for the New Year, for the new season. He's looking strong as well, he won all his three matches, and I think that’s just the best set up for the finals – to play each other in the final. And if I just look some matches before we play I think last year in Melbourne I won with three sets. I mean I’m expecting a really tough one, you know cannot get any easy one, not even in the final. Just looking for my best tomorrow and we going to try and beat it too and bring the balls with us.

You said that you had practice sessions with him before the tournament started – is that something that you do on tour as well, or is that just the situation came up in this tournament?

(Berdych) No I mean we do it every single week. We just came to the tournament; you have a few days before, so just set up a few practices with the other guys. If the draw is made, of course you don’t make the practice with the guy that you possibly can play. But just means like for second round because we know each other that well, that it’s nothing about it like I’m hiding from some others and want to practice somewhere secret or something like that. It’s just a normal way of having the preparation before the tournament.