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2012 Hopman Cup - Berdych Makes Winning Start

Tomas Berdych celebrates his victory over Grigor Dimitrov of Bulgaria in their men's singles
Session 3 match on day three of the Hopman Cup Tennis Tournament in Perth on January 2, 2012.


Session 3 - Czech Republic vs Bulgaria

T. BERDYCH d. G. Dimitrov
6-4, 6-7 (9-11), 6-3

2 January 2012


Well Tomas what a way to start 2012, it was a very tough match, he is a tough opponent to play against.

Yeah definitely. He is playing really well, he’s going to be improving I think for... he’s improving last couple of months and end of the year. He’s going to be really dangerous this year, and as he showed just now that he can play really well and really strong. You know but my way, I’m pretty happy to start the year with a win. You know it’s always much better, it gives you even more confidence to have the first win of the year and even to play a really solid game like it was today, so I’m happy for that.

You looked like you struck the ball really well. You served well and your forehand was really working – are you happy with where your game is at heading into the Australian Open?

Well I mean the season ends in London with some incredible matches you know. Then there is some weeks off and then you always pretty much don’t know what’s going to be the start. You wish to start the way you like. Yeah I mean the game was really I would say on the level for the first game of the year that it was solid.

What are your expectations for 2012?

Well we are just in the second day of the Year. I mean the expectations are pretty much very similar to the last year. I end up again in the world tour finals in London which means that I end up the year in top 8, and that’s what I would say the bottom line – that I would like to start and then brig some even better results from the Grand Slam that I did last year and move my game a bit higher.

This is your third time in Perth. You enjoyed yourself at the Ball on New Year’s Eve? You actually took part in the Auction. What are you going to do with the two Auction items that you bought?

Ah well the first thing I’m a huge fan of the Manchester United so that’s definitely going to stay. The first thing is going to stay definitely at home and the other things is I have one very good friend that I think is going to really appreciate that and we can split the thing - not like definitely split but you know to have it for half and it’s a nice piece.

A signed Pearl Jam guitar for your friend – you’re a good friend Tomas. The mixed doubles coming up, you’re on record as saying it’s not the most comfortable thing for you and you would have been happy if you won both singles matches today, you and Petra. Are you looking forward to playing with her?

Definitely I mean it’s going to be a great experience. I’m really enjoying the new role in the team that I’m not the leader - which I was for many, many years even in Davis Cup, even here. So now a little bit more on Petra that she is the leader. For the mixed it’s going to be fine. We are going to try to enjoy it and as I said in the beginning when somebody asked me ‘what’s the best tactics for the mixed doubles?’ I said win two singles, so we did it and so we just go to enjoy it.

Good luck, well done.