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2010 French Open Day 6 Tomas Berdych def. John Isnser

6-2, 6-2, 6-1

Friday, 28 May, 2010

THE MODERATOR: Ladies and gentlemen, Tomas Berdych. Questions, please.

Q. Your thoughts on getting to the next round? Obviously you're very pleased?

TOMAS BERDYCH: Yeah, of course. As you said, I'm very pleased with my game today. I have to say that I did everything what I, you know, just said with my coach, what I have to do today. Everything works today, I would say, almost for 100%. There was not even one thing that maybe I did wrong.

Still, if you win the match like that, still you can do something a little bit better. That's what I want to keep and bring for next matches. So really happy for today.

Q. What do you make of your next match and your opponent?

TOMAS BERDYCH: Well, I just got a chance to hear that I'm gonna play Andy Murray in the next round. So, you know, maybe we play a couple of matches, but it was really long time ago. Both of us get to the completely different levels. So, you know, I don't have a time to think about it, how's the next match gonna be or what I need to do or whatever.

So, you know, it's still one and a half days to, you know, think about it, just prepare for it. But the key is going to be same. Try my best, stay focused, and try to go again.

Q. Do you know him at all away from the courts? Have you got to talk to him at all? Do you know Andy?

TOMAS BERDYCH: Well, I mean, I think we just played two matches against each other, but it's really like two, three years ago, and then four? Okay, yeah.

And then, of course, I mean, we just meet each other around, just have a quick word. That's it, because here everybody has their own schedule, own program, and everybody just need to do what they need, and that's it.

So, yeah, I think it's gonna be really nice match. I'm looking forward to it, and, you know, it's the fourth round of it's last 16 of the Grand Slam. It's always nice. But still, you know, could be better.

Q. You've been to the last 16 once I think in Roland Garros. This is a chance to reach a quarterfinal for the first time. Is that exciting or extra pressure? How does that feel?

TOMAS BERDYCH: No, definitely it's more exciting than the pressure, because, you know, so far these three matches was maybe a little bit with more pressure because I was I was seeded 15. And, you know, all those guys I beat was a little bit lower behind me, so these kind of matches are a little bit with more pressure, because, you just have to show that you are the one who is, you know, seeded.

It's up against them and, you know, just try to win all those matches. And now I'm gonna be in different position against Andy, so, you know, I think it's could be my advantage. I try to profit from this and try to enjoy the match but make my best on the court and we'll see.

Q. You say you have a day and a half before you play each other. How do you fill that time? You can't be on the practice court for too much of that time. How do you keep yourself occupied before you play the next match? How do you keep your mind on the match or off the match?

TOMAS BERDYCH: Well, do you mean, like, before the next match, or...

Q. Yeah, next match.

TOMAS BERDYCH: Before the next match. I think the schedule is gonna be the same, since I'm playing all those well, kind of the same schedule tournaments. That means that I play one day match and next day off and another day match.

So I'm just gonna go hit for one hour maximum, get some stretch, a little bit massage and, just relaxing. Then maybe in the evening or the morning before the match, just talk with my coach about the tactics, about the match, and that's it.

Because just right now you cannot, as you said, practice anything, cannot do anything better. So you just go hit, to have a good feeling, and just get a little bit sweat, put some balls over, and that's it.

Q. Because you haven't played him for so long and he's improved so much since you last played him, would it be like playing a completely different player, because he has changed so much in the last four years?

TOMAS BERDYCH: Well, I have to say that he change a lot in the last four years, but I did the same. Well, I hope.

I mean, it's gonna be I think it's gonna be like first our meeting, because that's four years. It's really a long time ago. Both of us were pretty young, so we change, both of us, very much. I think it's gonna be kind of first match each other.

Q. What have you made of his improvements in the last four years? Because he's now in the top 5 in the world. What do you think of how he has improved in the last four years?

TOMAS BERDYCH: Well, I mean, his game is, he's really strong. He's well moved on the court. He can really great read, can read the game of his opponent. He's moving well on the court, and he's really smart player.

He can really find the weak spots. He can change the rhythm of the game. He can play something different. Then when he's a little bit down, he can bring really big serves.

You know, he's a really strong guy, especially mentally. As we can see in the first round, he was two sets down. He just turned his match for his side, always, always very tough, because it's really long, and it's really hard matches. So, yeah, it's you know, if he's not gonna be that good, he's never gets to the position where he was well, where he is right now.

Q. Despite the fact that he won in four sets today, in the third set he lost to Love, and he won about 10 points in the whole set. Are there any areas that you might look to target on Andy's game?

TOMAS BERDYCH: Well, actually, yeah, you just telling me the new thing. I just came from the match, and only thing what I heard it's that he won. I don't even know the score.

I mean, as you said, he lost 6 Love in the fourth set? Yeah, that's just the first thing, what I know about his last match. But that could be, something if you played those long matches and then, I don't know you lost early or first serve or first serving game, and then maybe, you lost another one, you are 3 Love down, whatever, maybe you can just I don't know.

I don't want to say skip the set, but, just try to be thinking a little bit more ahead, because you already could be a little bit tired, whatever. I mean, this is maybe more a question for him, what he felt on the court or whatever.

But definitely it can happen any match any time.

Q. Presumably you were brought up on clay at home. That was your natural surface. But second question to that, I don't imagine you've played very often in the stadium court here either in Lenglen or on the Chatrier very much. Have you played there at all? Murray's used to playing on the stadium courts all the time now. You were out on 6 today, weren't you, with very few people, I'm guessing? Very different for you to come into the stadium court.

TOMAS BERDYCH: Well, yeah, as you said, I mean, I just played once here on Chatrier. It was the last 16 against Roger. Of course, it could be the advantage of the players, of all those players who play more matches on those stadiums.

But I have to try to live with that, you know. I mean, the match, I hope it's gonna be pretty long, that I'm gonna have some time to get used to it. You know, still, the court is going to be same, only the crowd is gonna be bigger. That's it.

I just I'm used, you know, maybe from other big stadiums or other tournaments. I don't think it's gonna be that big different. Maybe if you play against Frenchman, that could be big difference, but this one I think it's gonna be really a nice match with good atmosphere.

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