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2013 Miami Quarter-Final


March 28, 2013


R. GASQUET/T. Berdych
6-3, 6-3

THE MODERATOR:  Questions, please.

Q.  You played him at Indian Wells just a couple of weeks ago.  What was the difference today?
TOMAS BERDYCH:  Well, I think this is nice about the tennis, you know, that you can see that we play once in Indian Wells.  The match looks completely different than today.
The other hand, you know, I have to say it's ‑ not apologizing myself, but, just it was, you know, too much of tennis for me in the last seven weeks actually, and my tank is empty completely.  You know, I was just trying to do my best, you know, trying to bring whatever I had.
Just try to fight for it, but, you know, Richard was stronger.  He was better today.  He was playing very good, solid.  He didn't give me almost a chance at all, and so definitely he deserves to win.

Q.  Do you think it could be a problem for the Davis Cup coming next week for you?
TOMAS BERDYCH:  Well, let's see.  (Smiling.)

Q.  No, but because you mentioned that your tank was empty, so...
TOMAS BERDYCH:  Oh, yeah.  I mean, this is the thing that I really need to, you know, think about it, because really now I feel like the end of the season but we are basically at the beginning.
So it's really something to consider, you know, think, try to do the best decision with my team, and, you know, find the best, you know, best possible way how to handle the situation.

Q.  Have you set any specific ranking goals for yourself for this year, making the top 5, or do you tend to just go match by match?
TOMAS BERDYCH:  Well, no.  As you said, you know, I do have both things, you know.  The first one is kind of the ranking goal that's definitely to improve, you know, try to move at least the sport, you know.  I have been in the 6 for a while.  I mean, it's good, but still I would like to do better.
I would like to move, and so far my season start really well, you know.  So I want to really, really hold it in the right direction, you know, not to do any mistakes and be really, really smart with the way how to, you know, how to play and what to do in the season.
Of course, once we get to the match, go one by one.

Q.  Do you think Richard played much better than in Indian Wells?
TOMAS BERDYCH:  Oh, yeah, I think so.  I mean, the conditions suits him probably much better than Indian Wells, because there it was really hot, and I guess he doesn't like it too much.
For me, it was just great, you know.  The ball was flying a lot, was much faster, you know.  He was quite cold, you know.  The balls were really slow.
I was really ‑‑for me, it was really tough to, you know, play aggressive without the mistakes, and, you know, get him under the pressure.  Because once you hit the ball, you know, it doesn't go anywhere.  Then he had the time to do whatever he wants.
So, yeah, but anyway, he was playing much, much better than there.

Q.  Is there a chance you may withdraw from some tournaments over the next month to refuel?
TOMAS BERDYCH:  Well, no.  I wouldn't say that bad, you know, just to withdrawing from the tournaments.  It's just ‑‑well, really just to see maybe what's to do with the next few weeks.  I see it as a good chance.
As I said, you know, my start of the year was so far the best.  I make the best results and make a lot of points, you know, which could be very helpful in the rest of the season.
So as I said, you know, I need to do just only the good and smart moves, and, you know, there is no space for any errors during the whole season.

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