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2012 Australian Open Quarter-Final

Rafael Nadal talks with Tomas Berdych at the net after Nadal won their quarter-final
at the Australian Open tennis championship, in Melbourne, Australia, Tuesday, Jan. 24, 2012.

AUSTRALIAN OPEN | January 24, 2012

R. NADAL/T. Berdych
6‑7, 7‑6, 6‑4, 6‑3

THE MODERATOR: Questions, please.

Q. Quite a match. It's hard, I'm sure, to talk about it right away. What were your feelings about the end of the second set? Was that what really made the difference in your mind, not getting him there? How did you see it?
TOMAS BERDYCH: Oh, yeah, I mean, it was really good match. But actually it was only good, which means that is not enough with Rafa.
Yeah, I think the only difference today why I like didn't end out the second set and probably all night was that if I would be playing better on the night, then I think I could make it today, and I was really close.
So, yeah, that's was probably the only difference today, that I was missing to just make the step to beat him today.

Q. When you play Nadal, do you always expect a match to go that long? I mean, it was over four hours before the fourth set was done.
TOMAS BERDYCH: If you go with anybody on court, you just expect that you have to put on court your maximum. If it's gonna needs to take two hours, it's two hours. If it's needs to take four, four. If you f it needs to take five, it's just a matter of win the three sets and that's it.

Q. Do you feel like a match like this gives you hope for the next time because it was so close and you fought him hard? You've lost to him a few times in a row now. Is it more frustrating now?
TOMAS BERDYCH: Oh, yeah, I wouldn't see the record thatÂ’s, well, something could change. I'm just trying to see, like I'd say the last two matches. I was quite close in Miami last year. That was our last meeting that we've played, and I lost 6‑4 in the third.
And, yeah, here it was I would say even closer than the last match we played. So, yeah, I think that my game is improving. I'm getting better, more experienced. You know, this is not the match that, you know, you gonna be saying, All right, so this time, okay, I'm gonna beat Rafa.
If it would be that easy then I probably would be in different position and maybe with top of three guys there.
But I'm not, so I'm just trying my best. That's the steps that I'm doing. Hopefully, you know, maybe this year or whenever we gonna play next match, I will try my best, bring some experience from this match, and try to do it better.

Q. How are you doing physically? I saw you stretching a few times later in the match. What was the problem?
TOMAS BERDYCH: No, no, no, no, there is no problem. It's just the way thatsometimes when I'm playing long matches I'm getting some problems, you know, with my left hip. But just want to make it like prevention during the match and just nothing serious.
I mean, if I would feel it something more, I would definitely call physio on court or something like that. So it was not necessary to do that.
So, no, I was physically fine.

Q. You mentioned the top guys. You're one of the people right under the top three, four players. Do you feel like there is a ceiling you're bumping up against? Do you feel there is a big gap between the top four and everybody else?
TOMAS BERDYCH: Well, if you look at the draw here, we are in last eight and there is only one guy that is out of top eight guys. That just shows something that the first top guys, top eight guys, are really strong.
Of course, the first top four already now they are two in the semis. We will see what's gonna happen tomorrow.
So, yeah, I mean, this is probably the toughest time to play because, you know, of those four really strong guys, and, you know, making almost history every week they go and play.
So, yeah, it's tough, but it's how it is. We just needs to deal with it.

Q. How much did the crowd reaction the other night against Almagro, did that bother you a lot, and was it nice to hear the crowd tonight cheering?
TOMAS BERDYCH: No, no, the crowd was amazing. That's just one thing that actually I never mean it against the crowd, you know, so it's nothing against them.
I mean, as I said, it's the best place, a really nice place to play and have a Grand Slam, you know. The city, the people are amazing. Every time you come, you can see that they live with the tennis every these two weeks or three weeks with the quallies and, you know, they enjoy it every time.
No, I mean, it was really nice, and I was, you know, just trying my best to show them that we are here about tennis, and that's it.

Q. Were you surprised by the reaction from last round?
TOMAS BERDYCH: No, I mean, don't try to come back with that. I mean, you know, we played two great matches ‑‑ or I played two great matches. One I won, one I lost.
I think we can have more question about the tennis than just this. This is already past, and that's it.

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