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2012 Australian Open Round 3

Tomas Berdych signs autographs following his victory over Kevin Anderson

AUSTRALIAN OPEN | January 20, 2012

T. BERDYCH/K. Anderson
7‑6, 7‑6, 6‑1

THE MODERATOR: Questions, please.

Q. That obviously wasn't the easiest three‑set match you've ever played. How did you see it pan out?
TOMAS BERDYCH: Yeah, I saw it pretty good. It was not easy at all, and especially the first two sets was really about just a small chance that I was waiting for.
Finally it came up only in the tiebreak. I mean, I got some chances to make a break during the first two sets, but, yeah, he played well, served well and just save it every time.
But in the tiebreak probably the more experience from my side just was advantage, and, you know, took those two sets, which takes quite a long time.
In the third set made a break, and then just play what I need and quite easy finish with it.

Q. When you got that break in the third set, what went through your mind? Did you think you had it when you finally broke him?
TOMAS BERDYCH: Actually, you know, in these kind of match it could be a bit tricky, because you still trying to fight for and make a one break.
Then finally after really long time just made it. You know, you still have to stay really focused, because it could be really the tricky moment, you know, because you can lose the concentration a bit.
Because after the long time just finally made it and start to thinking, Okay, I made it, so what's going to be now? And then, you know, you could lose your serve easily. I was able to keep it up and serve well until the end and made it.

Q. Have you had much of Anderson before the match? Did you know much about him?
TOMAS BERDYCH: Actually, we didn't play a match together, but I had a chance to practice with him a couple of times. I saw a couple of matches of him. You know, his style is really, I would say, like direct to say what's he's gonna do on court.
So even though I had not a chance to play with him before, but I know pretty much what to expect. It wasit, what was happening on court. I go through.

Q. Overall, how do you feel game‑wise in this tournament?
TOMAS BERDYCH: Well, so far I would say that I'm still not on the perfect level or the level that I end up the season last year. So I still have, you know, a place for improvement, which is good.
Yeah, gonna start in for the second week, and that's good that I survived the first one with three solid wins. I would say that it's good that I still have a place to bring something more, which I'm gonna really need it for the second week, and I'm looking forward to it.

Q. I feel sorry if I ask a question which is not related to this tournament. We are going to play Davis Cup in Australia versus you, and I saw that Rosol, which is your No. 3 Czech in the rankings, lost 6‑Love 6‑Love, 6‑2 with Petzschner. So just you and Stepanek can play Davis Cup. What do you expect there? I know it's a long time. I know everything you probably don't like to talk about Davis Cup, but do me a favor if you can.
TOMAS BERDYCH: Yeah, of course. I mean, the first thing is, as you just mentioned it then, you know, it's a match that happen to Rosol. I wouldn't make it any dramatic moment from that. As we look at the all matches from the past that we played with Radek, when we played with Radek we always ‑ or not always ‑ but we made a really good results in couple of last years. So this pretty much doesn't change anything. If we gonna be fit and healthy, we gonna be strong team again with Radek.
And about the Italian team, yeah, I mean, you have a really, really young team. You know, they can do a lot of damage. But still I think in Davis Cup the experience play really big role in the ties, and I think that our team is more experienced than yours.
But, you know, was many matches that was not important, you know, if somebody's better in the rankings or who is a favorite.
But, you know, we are happy to play at home again. You know, after the last time we play home we lost, so we want to show our crowd that we are strong again and that we are able to win.
Yeah, as always, I'm looking forward to, and I hope we can go through.

Q. What do you think about Ivan Lendl coaching Andy Murray?
TOMAS BERDYCH: Yeah, I mean, as any other relationship in tennis, you know, he picked ‑‑ or I don't know how everything start. I'm not the one that is following this kind of news. I just see that this happen, and that's it.
I saw Ivan here, and that's how it is, you know. That's their first tournament, and we will see. Only I can say that I just wish them all the best. Yeah, maybe just looking forward to play him again and see if there is something change in his game.
Yeah, we will see.

Q. Do you have much of a relationship with Ivan?
TOMAS BERDYCH: Well, as long as he's living in States and I don't, then pretty much nothing special. I mean, yeah, we know each other, and, yeah, we have a couple of talks. But really not much, not at all. Nothing special.

Q. He said some other players have asked him to coach him. You're not one of those players who ever asked him to coach you?
TOMAS BERDYCH: I don't know about it. So, no, I'm not the one, no.

Q. Lendl comes from Ostrava, which is where you're going to play Davis Cup. There is a reason why Ostrava is sort of now capital of the Czech tennis, or is not true?
TOMAS BERDYCH: Actually, yes, it's the capital town of playing the Davis Cup in Czech, but it's actually not because of Ivan. It's because of the crowd that we have there.
We played I don't know how many, but only besides the one match that we played against Switzerland in Prague, then we played pretty much everything in Ostrava.

Q. Why there?
TOMAS BERDYCH: Because the crowd is there. The arena is, I would say, size enough. It's not that big, not too small. I think it's 7,500, 8,000 people. Every time that we came to play there the arena is full, so it's really nice.
Actually, we'll see. Yeah, we won a lot of matches there, so we doesn't like to change the place. When we are keep winning there, we want to stay in the same place.

Q. How much do you like to play the Australian Open compared to the three other Grand Slams?
TOMAS BERDYCH: This is no chance to comparing the Grand Slams between each other, you know. Every one has something special, something different, and that's‑‑ you cannot say that the Australian Open is better than Wimbledon or Wimbledon is better than US Open.
No, it's no chance to compare. Every single place has something different, something what is unique to play there. And also here there is so many unique things that I like to come in here, and why it makes the Australian Open so special. That's it.

Q. Don't you have one favorite, one that you will never miss if you can? And one instead you'd like to miss maybe?

Q. You will not tell me the second part of the question, but...
TOMAS BERDYCH: Probably I will not tell you the second, because I am still gonna come there. You know, couldn't be the best thing to say.
But I can say the first, and so far definitely it's the Wimbledon because of my results so far. So everything is so far, and maybe it could change in the future.

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