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2012 AAMI Classic Kooyong Lawn Tennis Club




AAMI Classic Kooyong Lawn Tennis Club

Questions for Tomas Berdych

January 11, 2012


Q        It was a tough day in the - in the wind.  How did you feel - how did you feel that sort of affected the whole occasion?
A    Yeah, well, I think it was just probably so far the worst conditions I ever played.  Allowing the wind conditions and, yeah, I mean it's just the way of getting - or try to getting used to that a little bit.  Not to - not to lose the rhythm.  What I had in the last - last week and just, you know, just to have a one match and start slowing outside and just having it as a preparation.

Q        It seems as if Tomic's gained a little (indistinct) and the sort of lower ball toss (indistinct) can say?
A    Well, yeah, could be.  Definitely for the ball toss, first serve, could be his advantage a little bit but, yeah, I mean I think it was just - there was a - the first set was squared so it - I would say and then was just about few points but I don't think that the score today was that much important.  I think it was just more about to really try to get used to that.  Have some matches and have a good preparation for - for Aussie Open.

Q        Where do you assess Bernard Tomic's game?  I know he's only very young, but where you sort of see him and his development in the game?
A    Well, yeah, I saw him play last year in Wimbledon and I think he's - he has definitely the game to - to make some damage, to play really good tennis and - yeah.  Probably I'm not the - not the best one who can predict someone's game and someone's career but, yeah, I think he has definitely - it's going to be the positions like for a top ten and then just depends what's - what's going to be next and what's - how he's going to work.  How he's going to have some luck, injury free and many things.

Q        Did you expect the way (indistinct) to the economy (indistinct) matters?
A    Well, the reason was quite simple because as long as I had a pretty - pretty long season last year and went into a number - many matches and especially the end of the year was very tough.  When I get this chance to start the year a bit slower then - then just go to Australia again for a next tournament.  I mean just that would be really too much and during those two weeks in Perth and here I want to what I'm doing - my preparation for the season as well.  So that's why because I didn't have much time after the season to do that, so want to have this - this kind of start of the year.

Q        (Indistinct) thank you very much