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June 27, 2009


T. BERDYCH/N. Davydenko
6-2, 6-3, 6-2

Q. How did it feel to get a win over him eventually?
TOMAS BERDYCH: Yes, I think this was one of my best matches so far this year, and especially that the opponent was Nikolay Davydenko, because the last score against him was not so good for me, I think 0-8 or something like that. So I'm pretty happy for today's game.

Q. Was the difference that you were playing on grass whereas you've never played him on grass before, or were there other reasons?
TOMAS BERDYCH: Yeah, could be. Yeah, one of the reasons could be the grass surface. But already the last -- like last match when we played in Davis Cup, I was already up in the fifth set, and then I got injured and I retired, and it was on the clay, and there was a pretty good chance to beat him, as well.
But yeah, I think the grass suits me more than him, and it's better for my game. But anyway, he was the favorite because he won all the matches before and he's higher in the rankings. So yeah, I'm pretty happy.

Q. How much does grass suit your game?
TOMAS BERDYCH: Well, yeah, maybe if there is going to be more tournaments on grass will be better for me. But the grass is just for one month in the year and in the calendar.
Yeah, I like to play here, especially here. The courts are good for me. Yeah, I'm enjoying to play on grass. But still maybe the hard court or the grass, it's on the same way.

Q. I think you're the only player so far who is in the fourth round without dropping a set. Do you think you can go further now?
TOMAS BERDYCH: Well, I don't know if this is the biggest like advantage, or if this means something different than the other guys. You know, the important thing is just to win the last point and go through to the next round. That's happened to me already three times, so I'm happy for it. Yeah, I'm looking forward to next opponent, and we will see.

Q. Everybody has been talking Federer-Murray into the final. The other guys like yourself haven't even been sort of mentioned. Do you think that's good for you?
TOMAS BERDYCH: Yeah, it could be. I mean, it's no any pressure, and you don't feel like anything else than just go on court and just concentrate for yourself. That's it. So leave it for them; let's make the pressure for them. And we're going to try our best and we will see.

Q. Looking ahead to possibly playing Roddick, what are your thoughts?
TOMAS BERDYCH: Well, he's still on the court, and we will see who's going to be my next opponent.
But if it's Roddick, well, we played, I think, three times already, and I beat him twice on the quite fast surfaces, one indoors and one in Tokyo. So you never know, but he always playing well here in Wimbledon, two times in the finals.
I think he likes the grass, as well. So we'll see. But I think it's a good chance for me.

Q. What do you think you'll have to do in a match against someone who can hit the ball the way Roddick does? He hits the ball pretty hard, you hit the ball pretty hard.
TOMAS BERDYCH: Well, I think it's going to be really about the serve, because if I can stay with him, I don't know, until the tiebreak or really close games, then some other things can show in the game. Nerves, whatever. So that's the really important thing. Because if one of us is going to be ahead in the beginning of the set, then he's going to be really up and he's going to be confident.
I will try my best to stay with him on serve, and in tiebreak you never know. Could be one point, two points and you can be set up, set down, you never know. So I think that's going to be some kind of tactic.

Q. Are you looking forward to the match?
TOMAS BERDYCH: Yeah, of course. It's a nice chance to be in the second week of Wimbledon playing on Monday. So enjoying the free Sunday, and I'm really looking forward.

Q. Were you surprised that you got three in three sets today? Did you think it may be a five-set match?
TOMAS BERDYCH: Well, I was really surprised for it after the last game we played, but really it was different surface. It was in Davis Cup, which is very different than the tournament, so it was really long match.
I was expecting to be there for long. But I just take all the chances what I get in the match, and it goes well.

Q. Does that give you confidence for the next Davis Cup, this performance?
TOMAS BERDYCH: Well, I mean, right now we are in Wimbledon, and I'm thinking about just the next match. I'm not right now talking about Davis Cup or something else, because still, the Wimbledon, right now it's important. And then when I'm going to finish here, then I can make whatever schedule, everything, plan and go with -- also like have it in my mind and go through the Czech and play Davis Cup.

Q. Is it difficult for you to change the surface?
TOMAS BERDYCH: Well, the surface, it's going to be pretty fast. I think it's going to be very similar to the grass court. It's going to be, I think, faster than the grass, but the bounce is going to be still low, same as here. I don't think it's going to be big change. And we're going to play indoor. We've played in that place so many times. So I don't think it's going to be a big difference.

Q. You started having big wins, I don't know, three, four years ago, and we saw you beat Nadal, and people said you were going to be a top five player. So far that hasn't quite happened like that. Why is it the case that you have not sort of reached the level that people think you can? And secondly, do you think this is still possible?
TOMAS BERDYCH: Well, so first if I would not -- if I will know why it happens, then I would change it and I will get there on the ranking. But no, I mean, I'm trying for my best. Here it's -- maybe here it's the start of the way to get back, and definitely I think it's possible to be back in there, and as you see, there is so many new faces coming up every year that you can find one, two new faces. It's really tough to, like, get there, stay there, or even move higher in the rankings.
If it's going to be like, I don't know, not coming for the tournaments, not practicing, whatever, then I can say, yes, I didn't do my best to move on the ranking. But if you're doing everything right, yeah, just trying, and I hope it's going to be coming soon.

Q. Do you think you are doing everything right?

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