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September 3, 2007



Q. What happened? When did you start to feel bad?
TOMAS BERDYCH: I don't know exactly what was wrong. I'm not feeling really well. I just been in the doctor's. Just after this, I'm gonna come back there again just to take blood test and get some results.
I don't know. But I was feeling really bad. I mean, it was since we start the match. I was just trying and hoping to maybe it's gonna change or something. But I didn't feel well.

Q. Was it your stomach? What part of your body was it?
TOMAS BERDYCH: I mean, I cannot breathe as normally. It was like hard to breathe. Yeah, I didn't feel well. Then the body was so slow. It wasn't any like straight one problem or one pain or something. So it was just like generally didn't feel well.

Q. Did you wake up like this this morning?
TOMAS BERDYCH: No, I don't think so.

Q. You were all right this morning before you went on the court?
TOMAS BERDYCH: Yeah, I said it. It was fine. In the morning, it was all right. Just it start when we start to play.

Q. Could it have been related to nerves, being on Ashe, anything like that?
TOMAS BERDYCH: I have no idea. It's a nice question, but how can I know it?

Q. If you had won the first set, would you have tried to continue?
TOMAS BERDYCH: I mean, I was just trying and hoping for something because, I mean, if you start and then you have like 0-5, then is no chance for anything, even if you play, I don't know, best of just three sets. But here you play best-of-five, so it's even longer.
I was just trying and hoping. I mean can happen anything. You can play one rally, whatever, Andy can maybe, I don't know, broke his back or whatever, I mean, do anything, then I still have some chance maybe to get another day rest, then another match. But I was just trying.

Q. What sort of medication did they give you on the changeover?
TOMAS BERDYCH: It was just simple thing. I mean, this is not like thing what the media want to know. I mean, this is for us. It's medications. That's what we are taking. It's not just for everybody.

Q. Was it an aspirin?
TOMAS BERDYCH: Whatever it was.

Q. How disappointed are you that you reached the fourth round, playing Andy, didn't get a chance to finish?
TOMAS BERDYCH: Yeah, I mean, if this is gonna be like my problem in the long way, then, yeah, what can I do? But it happens to me first time. Before I was feeling really well. Everything was fine. Nothing happens. Before I was playing pretty good, so my chances was pretty high for today's match.
And even I was playing -- I was not like -- not to be compared next to him and I still was set point, serving for the set 5-3 and whatever. I mean, the chances was there I think pretty high.
But what can I do? The health is the first thing, the more important thing.

Q. Some players don't get a lot of chances to get this far in a tournament. Are you disappointed you had a chance and weren't able to capitalize on it?
TOMAS BERDYCH: Yeah, that's what I say right now, that I had a chance. Everything was fine. I was feeling well. Then this happen. So, of course, I am.

Q. How did you think Andy was playing?
TOMAS BERDYCH: I think, first of all, I was trying to care about myself and not to watching what he's doing. So I was just trying to stay there, somehow to put the balls back, not too much care how he was playing.
But, yeah, I mean, in this kind of feeling, I was 5-3 serving, then I had a set point in the tiebreak. You can do a picture about this as you want.

Q. Did the illness come on during the tiebreak or before the tiebreak?
TOMAS BERDYCH: It was already since we start to play.

Q. When you hit the shot down the line to give yourself a set point, how were you feeling at that point?
TOMAS BERDYCH: Still the same: bad. There was no chance to be better. It was still same from the beginning of the match. I was feeling really bad. It was just trying, hoping.

Q. Where you at any point dizzy like you were going to pass out?
TOMAS BERDYCH: It wasn't from the stomach. I really don't know what was it. I feel really bad. I'm just repeating. It's all the same. I cannot tell you anything more.

Q. You had a cold before. A lot of people have colds this time of year. Is it like a cold?

Q. Yes.
TOMAS BERDYCH: No, no, no. I mean, I don't have a fever. I don't have anything. So I don't know.

Q. Do you still feel that way now or did it stop?
TOMAS BERDYCH: I just feel on the court like when I came from the chair, I was feeling like normally, and then I start to run one to the left, one to the right, and then I was dead.
Now I'm feeling, yes, so-so. But when I start to run or move or whatever, the whole energy is gone.

Q. What treatment did they give you in the trainer's room?
TOMAS BERDYCH: I just get some testing, and now after this I'm gonna go for blood test.

Q. Not an IV, intravenous feeding?

Q. Intravenous feeding where they inject you.

Q. Are you in any pain or were you in any pain?

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