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October 21, 2006


Q. Even though you may have been right yesterday about the crowd, don't you think you made a mistake to provoke them yesterday knowing that you would play today and maybe tomorrow in front of them?
TOMAS BERDYCH: Never. I never provoked any of the one single guy which was sitting with the people. So I don't have nothing to say because in my mind I never made a mistake with the crowd.
I don't know if it's a mistake that I beat Rafael Nadal in Spain. Maybe that is the mistake. They are really smart what they are doing.

Q. You think the behavior today was just because you beat Rafael yesterday?
TOMAS BERDYCH: So tell me why -- what is any other difference.

Q. I am not Spanish. What I feel is that --
TOMAS BERDYCH: What are you not?

Q. I am not from Spain. I'm from France. What I feel is that by the gesture that you made yesterday, you made the crowd turn against you.
TOMAS BERDYCH: But tell me what I did on the court yesterday. I just beat Rafael Nadal. That's all.

Q. Do you found Fernando's style difficult to play against? He returns serve very well and his ground strokes are powerful.
TOMAS BERDYCH: Fernando is a great player. I've played already three times with him. The two matches before was going the same way. He is playing great. His style I really don't like. He has great serving, returning.
He's playing a lot of slice from the back hand. He has big hitting from the forehand side. It's kind of his game, and I really don't like it, but that's the way I need to improve.

Q. Were you surprised by the way the public treated you, or was it something that you expected before the match after beating Nadal last night?
TOMAS BERDYCH: I don't know what you want to hear. I've never seen something like this. It's like a dream. It's never happened to me. I think it's not a tennis crowd. It's not for tennis. If you play Davis Cup, okay. I don't say any word about them.
But on a normal tournament when you beat the guy that is from where the country you're playing, that's really nice from them.

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