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2014 Dubai - Final



March 1, 2014


R. FEDERER/T. Berdych
3‑6, 6‑4, 6‑3

THE MODERATOR:  Questions, please.

Q.  You almost really had that match.  A set up, a break up in the second, 3‑2.  What actually went wrong?
TOMAS BERDYCH:  Oh, well, what actually went wrong.  I would say many things, because as you said, the match was starting pretty well.  I had really many chances, and then I basically just gave him the game and, you know, that's it.
So really, I mean, it's very disappointing for me the way I handled that situation.  I was in the better shape and playing really well and made my chances, but, you know, unfortunately I didn't execute it until the end.

Q.  So what's the difference, this highest‑of‑ever levels, between winning and losing?
TOMAS BERDYCH:  Well, today I think it was very about my game, that it was working pretty well in the beginning, and then lately I was not able to keep it up and just serve it out well and then bring it still to a good end for me.

Q.  Is that one of his better traits?  He just never seems to get discouraged in a match?
TOMAS BERDYCH:  Sorry?  One more time?

Q.  Roger never seems to get discouraged in a match even if he's down.

Q.  A lot of players get a little bit more discouraged.
TOMAS BERDYCH:  Well, of course he does.  He's the greatest player of all time, really.  He will never give up and just give you anything for free.
So of course I knew that.  I was ready for it, but really my execution was not good enough to hold it till the end.

Q.  How do you review the whole week?  Still been a good week for you.
TOMAS BERDYCH:  Yes, it's been a good week.  It's another final here, and it's been said on the court, Let's see what's going to be for the third time in a row, but this is really far ahead.  I just need to see it as a good week, a good, solid week.  Not with best end, not really this time, but that's how it is, just need to move over it and just keep on working again.

Q.  How hard is it to put a loss like this behind you?  How long will it take for you to recover from something like this?
TOMAS BERDYCH:  Well, I will try to do it as fast as possible, because that's not a thing you want to keep in your head and keep thinking of.
I think I'm quite good in that I'm not keeping the losses really long time in my head and in my mind.  I will definitely try to learn from the mistakes that I have done through the second set, and that's it.  So really just try to take positives from that and all the negatives just leave behind.

Q.  Do you prefer a slower court when you play against Roger?
TOMAS BERDYCH:  Oh, yeah, definitely, I do.  I mean, you know, we're playing on definitely the fastest court that we have on tour.  I think, yeah, that's one of the details that what he likes, and he likes to play on these really fast courts, you know, because there is a really thin line between hitting the ball clear and then of not to be reading that perfect spot on the court.
So, you know, today he was hitting the ball better, especially from the middle of the second set.

Q.  How difficult is it to keep your concentration when the crowd are getting so involved in the points?  I think there were a couple of times where there were "out" calls that you seemed to be quite distracted by.
TOMAS BERDYCH:  Oh, well, I mean, it's part of that everywhere in the world you're going to find the crowd.  I think we couldn't be and exist without them.  So, you know, it's really great that they are coming, that they are supporting the tennis.  You know, they like to come and watch the games.
But of course, I mean, it's Roger, so of course he's gonna have always a lot of fans and a lot of support.  So you just need to deal with that somehow.

Q.  What are the positives you are taking from this week?
TOMAS BERDYCH:  Well, positives, it was another very solid week that, you know, beating Jo and Philipp, especially those last two matches.  I'm very pleased with that after a tough week in Rotterdam and that I managed to, you know, recover and get used to the new conditions and play another good tournament in a row, which is good for me.
You know, if I would be comparing the weeks just a bit, then I think I play way better tennis in Rotterdam.  Here just, well, managed to get to the final and had a pretty big chance to win another title in a row, and definitely my tennis could be better and higher level.
So, yeah, that's another basically positive stuff.

Q.  With the form that you carry, how important is Davis Cup for you?
TOMAS BERDYCH:  Well, I have been talking many times about my Davis Cup and about my decision.  I will make it shorter.  So my decision for the quarterfinal is that I will not play, and I will definitely use the time for myself.
And really, if you want to chase the top guys and they don't spend all the time playing Davis Cup, you will find out that you are missing a lot of weeks, which cost you a lot of energy, and in that run and chase of those top guys you are missing something.
So I want to use those weeks for me.  So that's why I make this decision that I help my country to win the first round, and that's it for this year.

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