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2013 Rome - Berdych lost to Nadal


18 MAY 2013


Rome, Italy

R. NADAL/T. Berdych

6-2, 6-4


Q: What has changed since the last time in 2007 and why is it so difficult for you to win against him.
T. Berdych: Funny question and in 5 years a lot of things can change and we are both improving and Rafa is improving and its tough to compare . he is a better player and that is how it is and there is not much more that I can say.


Q: Can you talk us through today's match – a fast start and then.
T. Berdych: He starts really well and of course its Rafa and we know how he plays on clay an it was a good start for him and it looks easy on his side and I had a chance that I didn’t take and yesterday I had one chance that I did take and I won and today I had one chance that I didn't take and I lost.


Q: And can you tell us about looking to Paris and the French Open …. you have had some pretty good results
T. Berdych: Of course and I had two really good weeks and now into the season to win against the second and first players in the world and so it has been a good two weeks on clay even though my start on clay was not what I expected but it is important that the results are getting better and better and I am looking for the progress that I am having.


Q: Do you think you played as well as yesterday. How could you compare yesterdays match with today's.
T. Berdych: You cannot compare another opponent. another match and another day. Probably if I play with the same opponent I could compare but I cannot compare...


Q: Rafa dropped very few points on his serve. What is the difference between his serve and Novak's yesterday
T. Berdych: Why do you always compare these two guys. One is leftie and one right and Rafa serves differently and making easy points on his serve and if I play with Federer or Murray it is different again ….. they are all different and there is no way to compare.