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2013 Rome - Berdych def. Djokovic


17 MAY 2013


Rome, Italy

T. BERDYCH/N. Djokovic

2-6, 7-5, 6-4

Q: Having been beaten so many times by your opponent … what was your mindset and motivation?
T Berdych: Had the same motivation as any other match as you play with the number one in the world and no question about looking for motivation – there is a huge one and one day you have to break it (the champion) and I am happy that it was today. It was a great game and I am happy.

Q: What were you thinking when you were down one set and also, how would you explain if you were an Italian journalist that you can lose to Fognini twice and then come here and beat the number one in the world
T Berdych: So, well I was trying to stay positive from the beginning and didn't give me a single chance and I was trying to stay there and there are matches that you get not a single chance and then if you get one, then you are ready and then everything could turn the other way and this is what happened and at 53 I wondered, should I change the racquet and balls and then I did and we were there for a bit longer and the second – you are the journalist .. you mentioned two matches are over some years, Tennis is like this nowadays – you can win and lose against anyone and Djokovic lost in the first round in Madrid and he doesn't need to apologise and ………….. not playing the Davis Cup on clay and I didn't play and so my start on clay was a bit slow and my main goal is the French Open.

Q: You've been chasing the top 4 players and do you sense a bit more opportunity and things are opening up at the top
T Berdych: Its tough to say. In the last two weeks I've done my maximum with Andy and Novak and its not enough and needs more and more time and the system is about keeping this up for a longer time and even if it is opening up I am still not there and step by step and hopefully I will be sitting somewhere else like New York and talking about the same thing and then if I am able to keep the results then there is a chance.

Q: We have seen that you are looking at the TV while we translate. Are you studying the opponent?
T Berdych: I know them both really well and I suppose its professional deformation ….. I played two and a half hours and now I sit here and watch again. I mean, both of them -- David or Rafa – its is going to be incredible to play.

Q: It’s a little bit follow up to the previous question. You said every day anyone can beat another one. Nadal after you beat him 3 times in 21 April 2007 and then in Madrid in the quarter finals in 2006 and then since then you lost 12 times in a row. A player of your level, someone should expect to be more able to beat him or find a bad day for him. What has happened in the past years and do you think Nadal or Djokovic is more difficult to beat.
T Berdych: You can see that Fognini is a talented player and really able to play good tennis and if he can do it you can have a pretty good player. You have a good statistic and I am not prepared for you. You can have a player that you never beat and I did it 3 times then lost 12 times. Same with Novak but only 1 win and then 11 times and so perhaps I need to lose once more to Nadal and hopefully it will be here and then I'll beat him in the French Open …. So if you like numbers then this is my reply. It hard to pick one that is harder to beat. Both I have pretty bad records with both but I think that it was easier with Novak but I am able to beat him only once until today and so you cannot ask me that. I'll just try on court and see what happens.