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Monte-Carlo Round 2


April 17, 2013


T. BERDYCH/M. Granollers
7-5, 6-4

THE MODERATOR:  Questions for Tomas.

Q.  How did you feel today?

TOMAS BERDYCH:  Well, I mean, always the first matches are kind of tough.  If you get an opponent like Marcel, it is even tougher. 
In the end, I felt quite good.  I was trying to actually, you know, find the really clay court rhythm in the beginning.  Yeah, I mean, I lost my serve, I give him some chances, but in the end, you know, I just get myself back focused for the points, the important ones. 
I was able to hold my serve, take my chances and finish it in straight sets. 

Q.  You twice recovered from a break down in each set.  What made the difference?
TOMAS BERDYCH:  Well, I think today he's got a pretty good chance.  He had a break in both sets.  You know, it's already I think enough what I gave him. 
In the end, I was able to turn it around and get it back. 
Well, what was the difference?  You know, he already played matches on clay.  He's a great doubles player.  He knows how to return quite well. That's it. 
But in the end, it's me who took it in two sets and I'm looking forward to the next one. 

Q.  Satisfying game for a first game on clay?
TOMAS BERDYCH:  No, I wouldn't say 'satisfying.'  It would be really, really good match if I would go through, let's say, without losing my serve, then just getting some chances on his. 
But in the end it's the result what's count. It just gives me more space for improvement for the next matches.  I actually prefer this setup than the other one. You know, you come up for your first game, you play unbelievable tennis, then what can you bring in the next round?  So this is the kind of start that I prefer more, and now improving myself. 
It's still a lot of work to do.  I will try.  Let's see tomorrow. 

Q.  What do you need specifically to do to improve your game, your rhythm here?  How far would you hope you can go here?  Can you win here?
TOMAS BERDYCH:  Well, I will try for sure as far as I can.  I never thought to like win the title.  Of course, that's the goal.  But realistically for me is really day to day, go one by one, and then let's see. 
I had a couple good results here.  But as you look at the draw, especially the guy that just keeps winning here, playing so well, that's going to be a challenge for all of us to try to stop him, so let's see. 
What I needs to do better? I think just the matches can help me a lot. I mean, I was practicing here more than a week. It was great. It was great preparation. But still, you know, it's a practice. Once you going to get to the match, the matches are different. 
As long as you get more and more matches, it just helps you. That's the only thing where you can get better and improve. 

Q. You mentioned Nadal has a great record here. Have you been surprised since his comeback from injuries he's made it to four straight finals? Is that surprising or is that what you would expect from him?

TOMAS BERDYCH: No, I would say that he wouldn't come back on tour to play tournaments when he wouldn't feel that he's kind of ready, you know. I mean, basically I cannot much understand that he's saying that he's still in pain, he doesn't feel good. All right, let's see what we can expect more when he's going to feel good. 
I mean, I think it was the decision in the time when he felt that he can go. He's ready enough. He's come back. If he would feel really that bad, he wouldn't come back. 

Q. When he says that he's still in pain, you think he's probably not?
TOMAS BERDYCH: I don't want to, like, touching his personal. I don't know how to explain that. I mean, everybody almost go every day on court with some pain. Someone with bigger, someone with smaller. Some days you just really have like perfect day. 
I just wish him that he's going to recover as best as he can, and he's going to be in our game as long as he's available. 
I think it's great for tennis that we have the guys like that. So I hope he's going to be just fine and he can play. 

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