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2013 Madrid Masters QF

May 10, 2013


T. BERDYCH/A. Murray
7-6, 6-4

THE MODERATOR: Questions, please.

Q. Congratulations on the win. Third time in a row you've beaten Andy on a clay court. Is there something about the surface and the matchup that favors you on clay?
TOMAS BERDYCH: Thank you for the congratulations. Tough to say. I mean, probably, yeah, I mean, maybe it's a bit advantage for me to play on clay with him. It's really tough to say.
You know, for me it's good that I don't have a big difference between the surfaces. Maybe in the score, especially with Andy, I have more won matches on the clay than on the hard court.
But overall, it's good that I don't have a big difference, and I'm happy for it.

Q. He seemed to play pretty well. His dropshot was good today. That speaks highly your level tonight. You must be really satisfied.
TOMAS BERDYCH: Oh, yeah, I am. It was really good game. Well, I mean, even that I didn't start well, I was able to turn the first set on my side, which was very important.
I'm really happy for that. You know, with him it's never easy. Even that we played two sets, it was really long two sets. You really have to fight a lot for a small chance.
Yeah, I was a little bit better today.

Q. How important were the serves, especially on the break points in that first set? You came up with a couple of really big serves at crucial moments today.
TOMAS BERDYCH: Yeah, I mean, my serve, as I said, every time and I'm going to say the same: When my serve is working, then my game is getting higher and higher.
That's what I really need to be focused on. Then every time that even I get a tough point or something and my serve is working, then, yes, that's my game; that's my style. Well, that's the thing what I'm really trying to mainly focus on.
The other thing which I was even more happy and satisfied was that Andy likes to take really fast the second serve, especially the return. I was quite able to handle that. I think no double faults with that. Yeah, I mean, my serve was working pretty well today.

Q. As you said before, your level doesn't seem to change depending on the surface. You're one of the few players. Even the big four have their favorite surfaces. What is your favorite surface?
TOMAS BERDYCH: What or why?

Q. What is your favorite surface?
TOMAS BERDYCH: Well, it's really tough to say. I can find good results on the grass, on the hard, and on clay as well.
So, you know, probably when I'm going to reach my first slam, then we going to see which surface is that going to be. Then I can point this is the one that is the really on top, and then we don't have to talk about the others.
So far, there is only the final and then the rest with some semifinals, so it's not enough. Really, I want to do more. Then I can I tell you the one.

Q. Is that a new confidence we're seeing from you, Tomas, when you win your first slam?
TOMAS BERDYCH: Well, hard to say that, but really the time is going. I'm not going to play forever, so...
No, I think this is the process of a tennis player. You can have a kid that is like that since he's 18, and then some of them get it when they are a bit older. My case probably.
But I quite learned from the Davis Cup to be really patient, because it took us really long and many years for Davis Cup. So I'm trying to do the same in my singles career.
Let's hope for one day.

Q. You will play against Wawrinka or Tsonga tomorrow. Can you tell a few words about both players, especially about Tsonga since every match you have against him was very tough, very close?
TOMAS BERDYCH: Well, when I see the score of the first set, I don't know if we should talk about it. (Smiling.) No, this would be very unfair to him.
I mean, yes, as you said, always with Jo we played very close games. I played him already this year in final in Marseilles. I lost when I was a match point up. I lost this game and really, I mean, he likes to play also very aggressive, great serving.
I think, yeah, he might like these conditions, but really every match is different. And I don't remember if we ever played on clay, so this could be also our first, which let's see. You never know. Every match is different.
With Stan, I think he's in really good form now and playing really well. He is gonna be very, very hard to stop. As I said, in tennis you never know. Tomorrow is the next day and everything starts from the zero.
I mean, yeah, I think he's one of the guys that you can really say I think that he likes to play on clay and his game is very well suited for that court.
Really, as I said, he's very dangerous from the backhand, one of the best one‑handed backhands what you can find these days.
But really, you know, I beat him in Davis Cup in Switzerland, which is quite good and which I can build some confidence on that.
Yeah, I will try to do my best again.

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