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Tomas Berdych reacts during his match against Mardy Fish of the USA during day five
of the 2012 Hopman Cup at The Burswood Dome on January 4, 2012 in Perth, Australia

HOPMAN CUP - Perth Australia

January 4, 2012

Tomas BERDYCH def. Mardy Fish

Tomas congratulations. Two singles matches, two wins, and one over a fellow top ten player tonight. So it’s an important win at the start of the season.

Definitely, both of them was very important. You know the first match was against a very tough opponent, young guy, that I think we can expect a really good season from him. To play against Mardy Fish, as you said top ten player, last year he had a great season, great results – so to start the year with those two wins I’m happy for that.

You’re looking in fantastic shape, you well after the break. You’re hitting some powerful heavy balls out there as well.

Yeah thank you. I mean the rest probably wasn’t that enough after what I would like to have, but you know the other side is that my season was long, which means that I was doing well and that’s always the better option. I will try my best to get even better for the beginning and I think this week I’m taking care really well, really slowly, and hope I can keep with it until a couple more weeks.

You always look like your enjoying yourself out there. You’ve certainly got to be on your toes. Nice highlights including this particular point – talk us through this Tomas. We all enjoyed this up in the crowd, especially the finish of this point. Mardy just throwing you his racquet there at one stage – you always seem to get on pretty well.

Yeah, yeah, yeah. We are pretty well and we always – actually we only play twice in our career together, so not many matches but many times practice each other, and know each other well. I mean actually I was lucky that I was actually watching him when the racquet was coming. But no I mean in this stage of the tournament I think it was fun. Just to have something different, you know, the routine that you go every single week during the year, so just have a little bit of fun.

Talking about fun, you guys are looking very good. You’ve had two matches, you’ve won them both, both Ties, so you’re looking good heading towards the finals. You’re in good form.

Yeah well but still it’s not confirmed yet and we are not in the final yet, so you know we still need to do well one more time and that’s why we are here. Just starts to well the year, enjoy it, play well and that so far is what is working well on court. So I’m looking forward to another match and hopefully another successful match.

Well looking forward to seeing you out there. Everyone’s enjoying you playing; you’ve got a lot of fans here.