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Tomas Berdych / Petra Kvitova Won Hopman Cup 2012


Tomas Berdych and Petra Kvitova hold the Hopman Cup after winning the tennis tournament in Perth, Australia,
Saturday, Jan. 7, 2012. The Czech pair had straight-set singles victories over France


INTERVIEW Petra Kvitova and Tomas Berdych

HOPMAN CUP Perth (Australia) | 7 January 2012

This week has been fantastic. You came here to play a lot of matches, you go home the winner, fantastic.

(Berdych) Yeah, couldn’t be better. It was extremely great week and first of all just I need to congratulate my partner Petra. She won all what she can. I just add some winning again and you know we can be standing here and have this such a nice trophy. So it was a really great week.

It certainly was a great week, and Petra you came here, world number two, Wimbledon champion, you beat the world number one, you’re the Hopman Cup champion – that’s not a bad way of starting 20

(Kvitova)Yeah of course it’s really good to win at the beginning of the season. Of course I have to say thank you to Tomas because without him we do not win. You play really unbelievable and it was honour to play with you. Of course to our team with them it’s really fun so it’s really enjoyable. Of course I have to say Hopman Cup thank you for invited us.

Well you didn’t let anybody down. You came in as the top seeds. Today France, outstanding, the whole week, it really set up for a great final.

(Berdych) Yeah definitely. I think it was possibly the best final that could come up with those two groups and we are happy for that. One thing we’d like to congratulate them as well to get in the final and wish them both all the best for the rest of the season for Australian Open and all the weeks. I think everybody enjoyed. We tried out best on court and hoped the people like it.

I think they did enjoy it. There’s no doubt about that. It has been the most talked about week for the fact that you played Carolina yesterday and you won; world number one versus world number two. Are you glad that that’s over for now? You’re going to do it again I’m sure, but do you get it done early in the year and now you can move on?

(Kvitova) Yeah of course it was a really good match but I have to say that today I played much better against Marion. It will be always tough to play with somebody who is really top.

Well done, congratulations.