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2015 Monte-Carlo Quarterfinal

April 17, 2015


T. BERDYCH/M. Raonic
5‑2 (ret.)

THE MODERATOR:  Questions in English, please.

Q.  I suppose you have some kind of mixed feelings today, maybe being a bit disappointed not being able to play more this morning?
TOMAS BERDYCH:  Well, I mean, the feelings are that the one fact is that I'm through, I'm in the semifinal, which is good.  It's positive to me.  The other one, of course, is it's not the ideal way that you want to finish the match.
The only thing, you know, I can just wish him a soon and very fast recovery, that he's back as soon as he can.  Hope the thing is going to go well with him.  That's it.  That's all I can say about it.

Q.  Are you happy with your level this week?
TOMAS BERDYCH:  Yeah, so far everything is going well.  As I said, my preparation is really good.  I've done as much as I could playing on the clay right after the Miami, which is a good sign for me.
Yeah, I'm able to execute it in the matches.  That's also a second part you need.  So far everything is going well.

Q.  You have yet to drop a set in the tournament.  You lead the tournament in points won on your first serve.  Are you focusing more on your serve during practice?
TOMAS BERDYCH:  Well, it's definitely one of the parts of my game that I need to work on a lot still.  I mean, it's one of the keys of my game.  So it's good to really have that on the high and top level.
Yeah, I'm very happy with the way I can help myself with the serve.  Then the whole game, it can be built on that.  The whole game plan is structured, it's fine.  Yeah, as I said, everything works really well this week so far.

Q.  A few minutes ago Monfils said that he likes the way you play tennis, because you play flat, very fluent, but he doesn't like when you play him.  He says he's in trouble.  He doesn't know exactly what to do when he has to play against you.  Even if he beat you in Roland Garros, everywhere else apparently you cause him trouble and problems.  Do you know why?  Can you explain tactically what happens, why your game gives him trouble?
TOMAS BERDYCH:  Well, I don't understand much the question when you're saying that he likes my game, that it's very nice.

Q.  It's beautiful to watch you play, but not beautiful to play.
TOMAS BERDYCH:  Okay, now it's better, because it was not making really much sense.  On one hand he likes it; on the other he says he don't know what to do.

Q.  He likes to watch you but not to play you.
TOMAS BERDYCH:  Well, I think that's a part of my job trying to do.  I will maybe not even trying to open up the book much, telling him what to do and what to not do.
I think he has a big team around himself, as well, that should help him to find out what's the reason why, what he should do better or not.

Q.  He's not asking your advices.
TOMAS BERDYCH:  You are.  He's quite smart to read that.  He will not get the clear answer on that (smiling).
I think that's a part of our game that we're always trying to find a game plan that is going to work for that particular opponent.  Last two times or few times I played him, it works pretty well, so I'm going to try to stick with that, try to be doing the things that are working well.

Q.  It's the first tournament on clay.  Did you expect to be at that high level already so soon in the season?
TOMAS BERDYCH:  Well, I think there is no such a time of giving yourself a chance of some trying, you know, especially on that high and top level.  You don't get that comfort of having time.
If you want to really get yourself up and higher until the last stages of the tournament, moving in the ranking and stuff like that, you can't really taking the time, Okay, this is the first week, This is the second week, I have time.  It doesn't work like that.  You have to be really prepared.
I had a week to train hard.  That's what I did.  That's how I used that week.  That means that the week was good.  I prepared myself well.  I'm doing so far good.
But it's still not over.  I'm not still satisfied, you know, with the results.  I hope I can go through.

Q.  Have you watched part of Gaël's matches this week?  How do you see this battle against him?
TOMAS BERDYCH:  Well, I've seen couple of games or couple of plays that he's done.  I mean, it just show how tennis is kind of tough today.  You can see that one opponent that he beat kind of easily today, the other day he beat Stan.
It's really just every single day is different.  You just have to be ready, prepared for that particular day, that match.  Whatever was going on or was happening in the past, it's just over, and the match starts from zero.  That's it.

Q.  How do you prepare for match like this against Gaël, especially on clay, tactically?  What will you be your key?  What will you do?
TOMAS BERDYCH:  You can answer that.  I mean, you not going to get much information on that, seriously.  As I answered the question, I think that's part of what we are doing.  I don't see one single reason why I should tell you right now what I'm going to do tomorrow in the match.
I'm going to do all possible that I can to win that match, fight till the last point.  That is always what is pretty much clear before even we start.  With the rest, I'm going to plan the game plan with my team and try to get the right one for tomorrow's game.

Q.  I know it's very difficult to win a Masters Series.  It's 10 years now since you won your maiden title.  How do you explain that you often struggle before the last hurdle in major events?
TOMAS BERDYCH:  Well, I think it's pretty simple.  If you look at the last 10 years, you're going to find three guys that pretty much took all of them.  It's quite simple.  We talking about the best in the history of our sport that's ever been.  That's it.  That's how it is.  This is probably the same case with the slams, with some other stuff as well, because they are taking all from us.  We just need to challenge them.  It's really not easy way to do.
Usually you got at least two or three guys to beat to win that title.  I mean, here it's a bit more open in that sense.  But still, you know, there's going to be at least one.  Let's see what's going to happen.

Q.  At this time of the year it's a new season in terms of surface, but also in terms of outfits on the court.  How much involved are you in the choice of your outfits?
TOMAS BERDYCH:  Well, I mean, I'm working with the designer team who are preparing those collections.  They always presenting me what's going to be coming up next, what my thoughts are, what I like, what I don't like.  We kind of try to come up till the last thing, last product.  It's always based on kind of the idea of the collection that they are creating with some, you know, different color innovations through the time that the collection is on.
Yeah, this one is a bit different.  It's a little bit darker than I should have for like Indian Wells, Miami, starting in Australia.  But it's still kind of that same line.  So that's the process.  The new one's going to be for Roland Garros.

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