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2016 ROLAND GARROS Round 1

May 24, 2016

Paris, France

T. BERDYCH/V. Pospisil
6-3, 6-2, 6-1

THE MODERATOR: Questions in English.

Q. What was the thought process behind the coaching change? When have you decided and who was going to be around you now till the end of the season?
TOMAS BERDYCH: I have pretty much said everything with the official statement, so I don't think that's, you know, really right time and going really to very specific details. It's all the same that I already said.

Yes, I have to act quite quickly, because really, the season is on, and I'm not really 20 anymore, so I really have to make the decisions quickly. That's why it came in this time of the season.

But, you know, it's my decision and I'm standing behind it. Right now I had a guy, his name is Luka, and he's going to be helping me. Obviously I'm dealing with these things with Ivan Ljubicic and he's been actually working with him, for his, you know, like a group of juniors and stuff.

So now he's here with me, and he's going to be helping me out by, you know, like the tennis side. I'm just in the process of, I mean, looking around and seeing the options and just the time to decide.

Q. Have you been enjoying this time now maybe more on your own and going back to maybe your tennis or more by instincts, as you played today?
TOMAS BERDYCH: Yeah, absolutely. I think, you know, I had that feeling, you know, that I really had like three hands on the court. Yeah, I felt really great on the court, being back again.

So that's also, I think, very important when this has happened and then the player knows what to do. I think I'm well experienced with so many years on the tour and playing tennis, so I don't see it a big deal, you know, that there is no one is, you know, like a top leader behind it, but it's all about the work of the team that I have around.

I'm still very confident and positive of each person of the team, and just -- we just keep going forward.

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