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Time To Say Goodbye... New Photobucket policy: it will now cost uploaders $400 a year to insert their photos on another website using direct image links

Posted on July 17, 2017 at 2:15 PM

phew... we found a solution, a mecene helps us

Close the door, turn off the lights

Heartbreaker. Our site is closed and blog won't be updated after Wimbledon. We can't afford $ 400 fees a year required by PHOTOBUCKET for third party hosting. In a few months, all our photos, videos will disappear, a loss of +48 K files... 

July 2017 - New Photobucket policy

It will now cost $ 400 a year to insert our photos on another website using direct image links

This is our case. We have uploaded thousands of images over the years to our blog. We were Photobucket members and paid an annual subscription at a correct price -but we are not a business site- and we can’t afford to pay 

$ 400 a year

If we go elsewhere, it means, thousands of images, videos, 48’232 exactly... imagine it's 18 Go that need to be re-uploaded and re-embedded... of course, it’s Mission Impossible and we are not Tom Cruise. We have subscription until 5 Dec 2017 with Photobucket, then everything will disappear. It will be a sad, sad, sad day *already crying*

Well, Photobucket has ruined all our work and efforts. We don’t say Thank You. 

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