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2016 ST. PETERSBURG Semi-Final - September 24, 2016 Tomas Berdych Post-Match Interview: «Zverev is a future Grand Slam Champ!» *Transcript*

Posted on September 24, 2016 at 8:50 PM

Tomas Berdych is interviewed after his semi-final match against Germany's Alexander Zverev at the 21st St Petersburg international tennis tournament at Sibur Arena. in St. Petersburg, Russia on Saturday, September 24, 2016. Tomas Berdych lost the match 4-6, 4-6.


Given the fact that you have had long layoff, are you happy with the results you've achieved at this tournament or maybe you think you could have done better?

Tomas Berdych: You could always do better but my goal was to play as many matches as possible and I think I've played three quality matches here. And it was the first week for me and everything I played here was more like a bonus for me.

Q: You played Zverev many times before and beat him, do you think he raised his game vs. his previous matches. Did you lose the match and he won it? And what do you think about his future in the ATP-tour?

T.B.: His is definitely raising his game, we can see the improvement almost every week. I know what I am talking about because I've played four times this year. He is definitely improving. And I need to say I wasn't in my best possible shape but that’s irrelevant. I think he is one of the youngest big players, the highest ranked and he surely deserved his ranking position, I think we're gonna hear about him a lot. I’d say it's a future Grand Slam champ.

Q: What was your tactics for this specific match, what weaknesses of Zverev were you planning to use and what were the strongest point of his game you were fearing?

T.B.: Well, I was trying to vary my game, to come to the net, to serve well and not to play in a predictable way. And I think it was quite successful, but today he was too good and solid, he was serving big, I didn't have many chances on his serve. And even when I had – in that last game, he handled it well, it was really a very close match anyway.

Q: Did you feel the crowd support because it sounded like they were more behind you than behind your opponent?

T.B.: I was very nice. I have to say it was nice to play and for this early afternoon it was nice to have the crowd fill the stadium. I think that's why we play tennis, we want to go on court and play in front of the crowd. One day the crowd is on your side, on another day– on the other side. That's sport. I was really enjoying my time on the court today.

Q: You kind of become a regular in St. Pete, you came here last year but lost earlier, now you've made two steps forward, so it would be logical if you win next year. Are you coming back?

T.B.: If this logic works, I definitely plan to be back. It would be awesome to be back in St. Petersburg. Like it’s been said many times , it's a great place to be with all the great hospitality for the players when everyone is taking good care of us, so I'd be happy to have a chance to come back again.




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