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CAPTION THIS : Tomas Berdych and Milos Raonic visited the Saint Isaac's Cathedral ahead of the 2016 St. Petersburg Open. Both players listened with interest to their lovely guide, Anna.

Posted on September 20, 2016 at 2:00 PM

September 20, 2016 - On Tuesday, Milos Raonic and Tomas Berdych visited the St. Isaac's Cathedral - one of the greatest symbols of St. Petersburg. It's the largest dome construction in the world, created by architect Auguste de Montferrand.

Saint Isaac's Cathedral in Saint Petersburg, Russia

Saint Isaac's Cathedral or Isaakievskiy Sobor in Saint Petersburg, Russia, is the largest Russian Orthodox cathedral (sobor) in the city. It is the largest orthodox basilica and the fourth largest (by the volume under the cupola) cathedral in the world. It is dedicated to Saint Isaac of Dalmatia, a patron saint of Peter the Great, who had been born on the feast day of that saint.

The church on St Isaac's Square was ordered by Tsar Alexander I, to replace an earlier structure by Vincenzo Brenna, and was the fifth consecutive church standing at this place.

The cathedral took 40 years to construct, under Montferrand's direction, from 1818 to 1858.

During World War II, the dome was painted over in gray to avoid attracting attention from enemy aircraft. On its top, in the skylight, a geodesical intersection point was placed, to determine the positions of German artillery batteries.

The cathedral's main dome rises 101.5 metres (333 ft) and is plated with pure gold. The dome is decorated with twelve statues of angels by Josef Hermann.

The meticulous and painstakingly detailed work on constructing the St. Isaac's Cathedral took 40 years to complete, and left an expression in the Finnish language, rakentaa kuin Iisakin kirkkoa ("to build like St. Isaac's Church"), for lengthy and never-ending megaprojects.

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