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2016 US OPEN - Seven Things To Know About The US Open's New Roof. Long-awaited roof is ready for action this year

Posted on August 26, 2016 at 8:35 PM

Seven Things To Know About The US Open's New Roof

USTA | 26 August 2016

Long-awaited roof is ready for action this year

1. The US Open Will Remain An Outdoor Tennis Tournament

The roof, which can close in about seven minutes, will still only be used when necessary, such as when it rains or when inclement weather is a “strong probability”.


2. One Person Has The Final Say About Closing The Roof

In his 25th year as tournament referee, Brian Earley will have a new role: Deciding when to close the roof. “His decision is final,” according to the USTA, which runs and owns the US Open.

3. What Happens When A Decision Is Made?

1. Earley notifies the “roof control booth”.
2. The stadium shutters surrounding the upper bowl get closed.
3. The air management system is activated.
4. All doors leading from the concourse areas to the Club and Promenade levels will be closed.
4. If The Roof Closes During A Match...

In general, if the roof closes during a match, the roof will stay closed until the match is finished.

5. Will The Roof Stay Closed All Day Then?

That's up to the tournament referee, Earley.

6. Half and Half?

Nope. The roof will be either fully open or fully closed.

7. Will Fans Get To Use The Roof For Sun Protection?

No, although that would be quite the umbrella. Per the USTA, “The roof will be used only for inclement weather or the strong probability of inclement weather”.

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