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2014 London Masters... it's Media Day Today - Tomas Berdych interviewed at BBC Studios *Super coach wanted? Tomas Berdych tells BBC's tennis correspondent Russel Fuller he's looking to add someone to his team*

Posted on November 7, 2014 at 3:15 PM


"I'm not going to say anything because that's not the way I want to deal with those people. He is going to be sitting at home reading an article that's about him. It needs to be done by a proper way."

"I'm trying to bring a guy with a different experience... all those experiences that he can have from playing those big matches or prepare a player for those big matches.”

"It is a person that can be a consultant or just on top of my current team who are doing a great job.“

"It's not easy to just say I want to work with (a particular) past champion and it's going to work out. It also is about who that person is and... seeing if that's the right decision and if (the relationship) can work out.”

"If you put 10 coaches together, all of them are going to have different things that they can see, they can adjust and that they can make better.”

"I am looking to improve myself. One day I am going to (retire) and I want to say, 'That was quite a successful career and I've tried everything I possibly could."


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