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2014 US Open Round 4: Post-match interview - Tomas Berdych def. Dominic Thiem

Posted on September 2, 2014 at 11:35 PM



An Interview With: Tomas Berdych

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Q. Pretty straightforward match for you, seems like. Especially the start was very fast. How good did you feel out of the gates and keeping it going?

TOMAS BERDYCH: Yeah, I felt pretty good. There was one point which was very important, and I think it was definitely the key. It was really the first game where I was 40-Love down on my serve. Really, I mean, it could have been completely opposite way. You know, probably still might be on court. Really that's the moment which probably for him in these kind of matches is something when you don't make it it can really make a big difference. Other than that, I felt really good on court. You know, my game works pretty well. The strategy, the tactics was the right one, which was paying the result. Yeah, I felt really well through all the three sets.

Q. Fast start more important playing someone like him who is newer and doesn't have much experience second week of a Grand Slam?

TOMAS BERDYCH: Yeah, I still remember it from my time when I was young and coming up and playing those fourth-round matches. You know, it took me quite a while when I breaked and beated the seeded guy and made my first quarterfinals. You know, he needs to wait also a bit and earn some more experience. Really it's a very talented kid playing really well. He definitely have the power and the shots to be good.

Q. Tough atmosphere out there. It was a pretty empty stadium it seemed like. Was that hard to get sort of the intensity you need for this occasion?

TOMAS BERDYCH: Well, especially today I was kind of pleased with that, because really the conditions were really tough. I already played two matches in quite hot, windy, humid conditions. You know, today I was a bit luckier that the guys and the women's match, women's doubles took quite long. Everything, yeah, has been late. I went to play when the conditions were pretty nice. Nothing really dramatic. I rather enjoyed the conditions than not to have really the perfect atmosphere. But that was better.

Q. Your thoughts on Cilic next? Obviously he beat you at Wimbledon.

TOMAS BERDYCH: Yeah. Yeah, I think we gonna have some lights here, so that's gonna be good and we can finish it in the good way. It's gonna be -- no, it's going to be nice, I would say, rematch. Marin played really a good match today especially. You know, he's improved a lot I would say this year, and really he's playing well. But, yeah, I'm hitting the ball nice and clean. That's what I need. That's what's good for my game. I save a bit of energy today, which is good, compared to him. Let's go for another one.

Q. Do you feel closer to get the championship?

TOMAS BERDYCH: Well, it feels always the same. I mean, there are still opponents waiting. Unless you made the last point to win the tournament, then you can say, Yes, I made it. You but really, the way is really, really long. You really have to go all those steps. You cannot, you know, jump from one side to another. Another step for me is Marin, and that's it. I'm feeling good. I'm feeling the way I want to. So all the things going well, which is good. That's what I'm trying to build on. I need to go really one by one, and Marin is next.





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