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Tomas Berdych says it's important to relax

Tomas Berdych says it's important to relax


There's nothing but good feelings at Wimbledon, writes Tomas Berdych


Last year at Wimbledon was a special time for me.

Before the tournament, if someone had told me that I would play Rafael Nadal in the final, I would have said that would be great but given the number of great players on the Tour I thought that it would have been tough to achieve.

Beating Roger Federer and Novak Djokovic to reach the final would definitely have to have been the highlight of my career so far, as everyone wants to play the final of Wimbledon growing up and I was no different.

So coming back to Wimbledon after last year has a really nice feeling for me. It is my favourite place and I love playing here and on the grass courts.

On the other hand, there is now a lot of expectation for me to repeat what I did, but I would prefer not to think about it that way because it is a new year, a new tournament.

The rain over the last few days has been very frustrating for everyone, but it's a matter of how you deal with that. Everyone is different.

It gets down to who is stronger in the mind. Who's going to focus better.

I don't care with the rain. It doesn't worry me too much as there is not much you can do about it until it is time to go and play, so I like to relax.

Actually I was in the locker room before the match and I was near Mardy Fish. We had a lot of time to spare with our matches scheduled for 12pm, but the delay was about four hours, so I had enough time, and I almost fell asleep.

While I was lying there I could hear Mardy saying "What's up with this guy, look at him. He has one hour to the match and he's sleeping".

I opened my eyes, smiled, and then went back to 'sleep'.

Today I was only on the court for about 90 minutes but felt very comfortable on court. I've got two good matches under my belt, so I'm happy.

The most pleasing thing about the match today was that I was only on the court for just over 90 minutes, which is very important in the grand slams. Our matches are very physical, so the longer the matches go, the tougher it becomes in the final days of the tournament.