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2011 Halle Round 2 - Post match interview with Tomas Berdych

 Interview with Tomas Berdych after second round victory

Question: How did you feel out there?  You had four match points this time, after having three yesterday.

Berdych: Yes, that’s maybe the one thing I’m not happy with. But it was a much more solid game than yesterday, especially as Jan really likes to play on grass, his game really suits that surface. Especially on this court, where the bounce is really low, that’s really tricky and he can really use that and he’s really dangerous then. But it was a solid game for me and I’m happy I got through.

Q: So you weren’t happy about the match points. How can you deal with that?

Berdych: Well, I had two serves, and that’s quite a lot. I had two and I missed both of them, so I have to think about that right now after the match. Not during the match, because that is just disturbing you and you are not focused. But after losing those two points I luckily got back, I was mentally strong and won.

Q: The next one is against Viktor, he’s been easing through the first two rounds without a problem.

Berdych: Yes, that is going to be a really tough game. Maybe this time only the ranking position makes me the favorite, but the way he played in the last couple of weeks, that’s really good. He’s been playing really well. He can do a lot of damage. I have never played him on grass, it’s going to be our first match. We’ll see. I’m really looking forward to that. I have one more day off to get some more rhythm on the grass and some energy back.

Q: You won the tournament a few years ago and you are a good grass court player. But after all these months playing on clay and hard court, is it every time a new start on grass, or do you have it in your blood to play on grass?

Berdych: I can only talk for myself, but it’s always just a new beginning. I had great results in the past on grass, but everything starts from the beginning. There is no time to get really well prepared for grass. You just finish on clay and then the next week, without a week off, you have to go straight to the grass. The most important thing is to get used to it on these tournaments, so you just feel good, and then you can bring it to London, to Wimbledon. But the beginning is always very tricky. But if you feel good, you play good tennis. But if you don’t feel good, it’s really tough to get the rhythm back.

Q: But isn’t it at least mentally a big advantage to know that you have achieved so much on this surface? Or maybe because your opponents know that you are a good grass court player?

Berdych: Well, maybe that’s a better question for them. But I don’t think they think like this. It’s the same for everybody. I think just the results from the last weeks are important. If you have done well your confidence is higher and then you can do well on grass. I don’t think anybody is just looking at the fact that I won the tournament and will be scared because of that. I think it’s more of a disadvantage for me, because everybody wants to play better than usual, because I won the tournament before. They probably have more motivation to win against me.